#ClothNappyMonday – Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way

#ClothNappyMonday - Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way

One thing I was a bit apprehensive about when starting to use cloth nappies more and more, was the overnight aspect. Cloth nappies generally don’t last as long as single-use (disposable) nappies and most have to be changed ever 2-4 hours.

My youngest is 15 months old and she’s always been quite a good sleeper and even when she was just a week or two old, we didn’t spend much time awake in the night which was complete opposite to my firstborn!

She still sleeps quite well and I didn’t want to disturb her by using cloth overnight if that would mean I had to change her nappy halfway through the night.

Having read lots of blog posts and watched lots of YouTube videos about solutions for cloth nappies for overnight use, it all looked very complicated and expensive with lots of different types of boosters. #ClothNappyMonday - Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way A Mum Reviews

Then I came across the Baba+Boo One Size Reusable Nappy which is amazing! I had one and tried it on a whim overnight. My toddler was wearing it and had fallen asleep early and as she was teething, I didn’t want to wake her so I left her. The nappy stayed on until morning and worked beautifully! That’s when it became my favourite cloth nappy! #ClothNappyMonday - Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way A Mum Reviews

At this age, she doesn’t drink overnight but still pees a lot so it’s very impressive that this nappy keeps her dry all night without any extra boosters. It just has two Bamboo-Microfibre Mix inserts in it and that’s it. These come with the nappy! #ClothNappyMonday - Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way A Mum Reviews

I also use a fleecy liner from Little Lamb mainly to catch a poo if she does one straight away in the morning. The Baba+Boo nappies are already really soft so you don’t need a liner for softness.

I recently bought a few more of these amazing nappies so that we have enough to use cloth nappies overnight, every night, and I’m so happy I did as they’re working so well for us. We’ve not had single leak and my daughter’s bottom stays nice and dry. She drinks loads of water during the day and evening too.

Using cloth nappies overnight doesn’t have to be as complicated as I thought after what I’d seen online. If you have a great nappy to start with, it doesn’t need lots of special boosters and super padding. This Baba+Boo solution is not any bulkier or more difficult than daytime nappies. #ClothNappyMonday - Cloth Nappies Overnight, The Easy Way A Mum Reviews

Do you use cloth nappies overnight? What is your solution? Bambino Mio Miosolo Review | AIO Cloth Nappy | #ClothNappyMonday A Mum Reviews


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