Getting Married Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Getting Married Doesn't Have to Be Expensive A Mum Reviews

Getting Married Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

A common misconception about weddings is that they cost a lot of money. Sure, many people choose to have very extravagant weddings but there are many ways to get married. I always knew that I didn’t want a big wedding or spend all our savings on a wedding or even get into debt just to get married. I also don’t like the tradition that is that the parents of the bride should pay for the wedding. My parents have four daughters that would be pricey! My dream wedding was always a small and intimate one and once I got engaged and it was time to plan a wedding, we stuck to that and managed to have the wedding we wanted for a very modest amount of money.

For us, it was important that the wedding day was stress-free and intimate so we only invited our parents. We had a ceremony in gorgeous city hall in Stockholm and went for drink and later a meal at a fancy Lebanese restaurant afterwards. Then my new husband and I spent a night at a wonderful 5-star hotel in central Stockholm. It was quite perfect! Since there were only four guests, it didn’t cost much. Getting Married Doesn't Have to Be Expensive A Mum Reviews

We didn’t spend much on the wedding outfits either. I think I spent under £100 and I bought all things new to build a wedding outfit with the main part being a long white tulle skirt. My husband rented his suit and bought a waistcoat and a cravat to personalise it.

Having expensive engagement rings and wedding rings was another thing that wasn’t important to us. We choose good quality and affordable wedding rings and they still look great! Cheap engagement rings can be just as good as expensive ones often you just pay for the brand.

What we wanted to spend money on was an amazing honeymoon and that’s exactly what we did. We enjoyed three whole weeks in the U.S. the summer after we got married. We spent two amazing weeks in New York seeing the city and having fun and one week in Orlando relaxing and visiting the amusement parks. It was great and, to us, a much better way to spend money than on a big wedding. Getting Married Doesn't Have to Be Expensive A Mum Reviews

Our whole wedding probably cost a £1,000 or somewhere around that figure which is quite amazing as we got exactly what we wanted. Everything except for the honeymoon is included in that total. The honeymoon cost a few grand but it was money well spent as we got three weeks of travelling for it, not just a few hours or a day like what a wedding normally is. We are very happy with the way we chose to get married and, as you can see, getting married doesn’t have to be expensive.

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