A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Putting Up Wall Decals

A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Putting Up Wall Decals A Mum Reviews

A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Putting Up Wall Decals

Although you don’t need to do a lot to get wall stickers to adhere to your walls, the process still requires some preparation. First, the walls have to be clean in order to get each wall decal to be affixed smoothly. Next, you’ve got to consider the placement of each wall decal before you put it up because they can’t be moved around. When considering wall decals for your home, make sure the image you choose is something you will enjoy seeing daily. In addition, the wall should be painted the perfect colour beforehand as painting around wall decals can be very tricky. So, here is how you can get your home’s interior ready for displaying your favourite wall decals. A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Putting Up Wall Decals A Mum Reviews

  • Choosing a Great Wall Decal

You can select a wall decal at random and it will look good anywhere it goes. On the other hand, if you want the interior decorations in your home to have substance then you’re going to need to make a thoughtful selection. Wall decals that go in the bedroom have a tendency to be a lot more specific to the person’s unique style and personal tastes. Comparatively, wall decals that go in the kitchen or living room are usually much more family oriented.

  • Check the Paint

Semi-gloss or flat, your wall paint’s finish is going to shine through your wall decals. In other words, your wall decals may end up looking shiny or matte depending on the type of paint that they are applied to. Of course, it might not make any difference at all to you whether you have a flat or shiny finish on your walls, but for some wall decals it can be distracting. Look at your walls carefully so that you see if there is a difference in paint finishes from room to room. This will also help you to have a uniform look when you start applying the decals.

  • Clean the Walls

Having clean, dry walls will allow you to apply each wall decal quickly and effectively. The finish will be much more professional looking if there are no creases or bumps in your walls, so patch all holes and sand all imperfections until you are certain that your walls are smooth. This probably sounds like quite a bit of work to put up a decal but consider the finished product. If you are putting up a wall decal that depicts a picture of a lion roaring, you wouldn’t want an imperfection in your wall to mar the image. A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Putting Up Wall Decals A Mum Reviews

  • Consider the Placement

Sometimes you can know where you want to hang up a wall decal before you even pick one out. In other cases, you might find a great picture that you believe will look great in a particular room, but you haven’t yet discovered where in the room it will look best. Determine if you prefer your wall decal to go up high, or if you want to place them low. In addition, look at all of the other art that you have on your walls so that your decals don’t get cut off by other hanging pictures.

  • Keep Your Wall Decals Protected

When the wall decals are applied, you don’t really need to worry about them much anymore. Hopefully, you will have applied them in the right location and they will have gone up straight. In the future, you may want to protect your wall decals from getting scuffed or scratched. Be creative about your interior decorating so that there’s not much foot traffic right around the decals themselves. Discourage people from touching them directly and you won’t have to deal with oily fingerprints or smudge marks. Occasionally you may need to wipe off a speck of dust or dirt here or there, but if you protect your wall decals physically, they can stay up as long as you need them to.

So, take a brief moment to prepare your home for the perfect wall decals. Instead of using stencils to write out a message of love or putting up traditional wall art that depicts beautiful images, you can literally use permanent wall stickers to make your mark. The preparation will be quick and the process of putting up wall decals is, by and large, simple and easy.

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