Surprising Benefits of Being More Confident and Assertive

Surprising Benefits of Being More Confident and Assertive A Mum Reviews

Surprising Benefits of Being More Confident and Assertive

It’s not always easy to be confident. Even those who seem like the most confident people in the world have moments when they’re scared or unsure. Building your confidence can benefit you in so many ways, though, and in different areas of your life. If you learn to be more confident and stand up for yourself, you could see some surprising results.
  • People Might Respect You More

It can sometimes be difficult to respect someone who can’t be assertive when they need to be. Even if you know it’s hard for them, it’s not ideal if it means they could end up letting you down. So seeing you act more confidently could increase people’s respect for you.

  • You’ll Make Better Decisions

If you’re not a very confident person, making any decision can throw you into turmoil. You’re never sure if you’re making the right choice. Building your confidence can lead to better decisions and less time making them too.

  • You’ll Stay True to Yourself

Buckling under pressure from others means you can end up giving in to things you don’t want to do. If you learn to stand up for yourself, you can make sure you’re able to stay true to your beliefs and values.

  • It Might Save You Some Dosh

If you’re easily pressured and not very good at being assertive, you’re ripe pickings for salespeople. But next time you call to renew your insurance or have a sales assistant standing over you while you choose a new pair of glasses, a bit of extra confidence could save you some money.

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