5 Simple And Effective Ways To Protect Your Home

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Protect Your Home A Mum Reviews

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Protect Your Home

A house is much more than just a place to eat and sleep. It should also provide sanctuary from all the bad that goes on outside. When it comes to protecting your home, you can never be too careful. Although a home security system offers many benefits, it’s far from a perfect solution. A new burglary takes place every few minutes or so, but there are lots of things that you can do to stay safe. With that in mind, here are five simple and effective ways to protect your home.

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Protect Your Home A Mum Reviews

  1. Keep The Keys Inside

Storing a set of keys outside your house is never a good idea. While the thought of losing your keys might be scary, it’s not nearly as frightening as giving a thief easy access to your home. Even if you think that you’ve hidden your keys well, there is always a chance that they’ll fall into the wrong hands. If you’re worried about locking yourself out, then give a set of keys to a friend or relative that you trust. Alternatively, you could have a wall-mounted key safe installed.

  1. Lock Your Valuables Away

Most thieves are opportunistic. They very rarely plan their crimes and instead steal as and when the chance arrives. Locking up your home significantly reduces the risk of a burglary, but you should also lock away your valuables too. After all, if something shiny and expensive catches the eye of a criminal, a locked door might not be enough to keep them away. Instead of leaving cash, jewellery, and technology out in the open, therefore, you should store these items in a safe.

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Protect Your Home A Mum Reviews

  1. Eliminate Any Hiding Places

No criminal wants to be caught, meaning that most will sneak around while doing their crimes. It is up to you to make this as difficult as possible. You should start by eliminating hiding places, like bushes and trees in your garden. It also helps to add obstacles, like thorny plants and ponds. Often installing ponds is as easy as digging holes and laying pond liners. Installing motion-sensor lights will also deter thieves, as it’s hard to sneak around in a well-lit space.

  1. Adopt A Furry Friend

The decision to adopt a dog is not one to be taken lightly. That being said, if you’re looking for a good excuse to get a pet, then look no further than the security of your home. Most burglars avoid properties with dogs, as they make a lot of noise and can pose a threat to intruders. When you don’t have the space for a large dog, a small one can be just as effective as long as they have a loud bark. If a dog isn’t right for you, then put up a few “Beware of the dog” signs instead.

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Protect Your Home A Mum Reviews

  1. Speak To The Neighbours

When you’re not at home to deter a burglar, one of your neighbours might be able to. However, most will only do so if you are a friend of theirs. Although it’s always nice to get along with your neighbours, it’s important to do so for the security of your home. Rather than ignoring those that live next door, you should make an effort to get to know them. This will ensure that they make more of an effort to keep an eye on your property for you.

With the advice about ways to protect your home above, you should have no trouble protecting your house and your family.

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