5 Simple Ways to Distract Yourself from Chronic Pain

5 Simple Ways to Distract Yourself from Chronic Pain A Mum Reviews

5 Simple Ways to Distract Yourself from Chronic Pain

Prolonged pains and chronic pains are not fun at all and they can impact your life in many ways and make everyday tasks difficult to do. Some pains are difficult to manage, some need medical help or alternative treatments. Some people benefit from physio therapy or massage, others swear by acupuncture and some have gone down an even more alternative route and use CBD Oils UK to help manage their pains.

Whatever works for you is worth doing and one thing that everyone with chronic pain should consider is using distractions to help you focus on other things than the pain itself. The brain is a powerful thing and choosing to focus on other things is a great way to help reduce your pain. You simply focus on something else instead of the pain it can be something real or imaginary, present or absent, animate or inanimate.

Here are five simple ways to distract you from chronic pain: 5 Simple Ways to Distract Yourself from Chronic Pain A Mum Reviews

  • Get Busy

While you are going through the pain, a straightforward way to distract yourself from it is to engage yourself with other things and get busy. If the only thing you see is the pain, then it’s the only thing you will feel! If you can work with your hands, then use them. Knit, write, sew, mend and make things that will require your attention entirely. Getting pre-occupied will lessen your involvement in the pain.

  • Take deep breaths and focus on them

At moments when the pain seems to be intensified, take a deep breath in and out. Do this while creating a steady pace for your breathing.  Do your best to keep your body relaxed and let the breathing be your primary focus. The constant breathtaking will help you to distract your mind away from the pain.

  • Keep people around you

With other people around you, who are laughing and discussing various subjects, you get to be involved actively in whatever they are talking about. As you talk and discuss, your mind is taken off the pain. Be as cheerful as you can. Be involved in whatever is going on around you- discuss, talk, laugh, share your opinion and enjoy yourself.

5 Simple Ways to Distract Yourself from Chronic Pain A Mum Reviews

  • Play Games

This trick works quite quickly especially if you are a bit competitive. It’s a simple way to distract yourself from pain and make sure that you aren’t feeling the pain as intensely. Choose a game that you enjoy, play it with loved ones or on your own if it’s a one-player game and get your mind engrossed to distract you. This shouldn’t be hard if the game is a quite addictive or fun one.

  • Get a pet

If you like pets and have the ability to have one, then get one! A happy puppy face around to keep you company will do you a lot of good and even distract you from the pain. Getting a pet gives you someone to cuddle and the chance to watch a lot of senseless acts. It reminds you that way past your pain is a world still full of smiles and hope. It might even hasten your recovery and if you have to go out for walks like you do with dogs, that should help you feel physically better too.

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