7 Things Every First-Time Fur Mom Should Know

7 Things Every First-Time Fur Mom Should Know

7 Things Every First-Time Fur Mom Should Know

If you are about to get a puppy or adopt a grownup canine, you must be aware of the fact that it is a huge responsibility. You need to understand it as a family growing and treat your new fur baby as a new family member. But, before you make your final decision, it is important for you to educate yourself and learn as much as possible about how to take care of your fur baby. You should treat your fur babies as real living beings and accept all responsibilities as the passion instead of treating them as chores. So, on our noble quest to educate our first-time fur moms on their responsibilities, here are some things you must know. 

7 Things Every First-Time Fur Mom Should Know
  • Feeding 

Choosing a proper food bowl for your dog and water feeder is the first thing you should think of. Dogs, just as humans, have personal preferences when it comes to this, and in order to give your dog a proper meal, try to get it a bowl where you can fit in all the nutrients that serving of food needs to contain. Additionally, you need to give your fur friend a water feeder that is accessible and easy to use. Lastly, the tidiness of your home depends greatly on how your fur friend will eat its food and drink water. Hence, buying these accessories will make their food and water reachable and easy to use. 

  • Grooming  

Grooming of your fur friend mostly depends on the breed, hair length recommended for the particular breed, and coat in some instances, but general grooming should be done at least once a month. Grooming has a huge part in maintaining your pet’s health, and it will significantly improve their life quality. For the adopted dogs and puppies who have never experienced grooming, then regular home grooming and brushing should be applied so that they can make a habit. If you want to do small trims, then you can get yourself shears for pet grooming that will make the job easier, but be gentle and make your dog feel safe. This will be a good base when you decide to take them to the professional groomer. 

  • Potty Training 

A potty-trained dog is a huge relief. It goes without saying that you can get them the diapers for the occasions when they cannot fulfill their daily routine, and these diapers are super beneficial during trips and flights. On the other hand, you can teach your dog how to use the potty and a specific place for their biological needs. This will be a quite demanding task at the very beginning, but with constant practice and dedication, you will reach the goal. 

  • Nurture Your Dog’s Behavior

This will not come unexpectedly, you need to invest loads of time in nurturing your dog’s behavior. This is basically a skill and this is not only for your own advantage but for your dog’s well-being as well. Usually, the bad behavior of your dog is a consequence of bad living conditions. Hence, the first thing you should ensure is proper living conditions for your dog so that your pet feels safe and sheltered. Your dog’s behavior will considerably depend on breed, so the key to the final decision is thorough research. 

  • Regular Visits to Doctor 

Just as humans, pets require their regular checkups as well. The first thing you need to make sure is that everything is fine with their health and that they have all the necessary vaccines protecting them from diseases and rabies, and that they get their supplements for a longer and happier life. Whenever you suspect that something is off with your pet, you should pay a visit to the vet and eliminate any doubt. 

7 Things Every First-Time Fur Mom Should Know
  • Toys 

In most cases, we load the space with the toys ready for your pet to play with, however, this is not quite necessary. You can go with a couple of toys and once they get damaged, it is the ideal time for them to get replaced with new ones. Also, it is a good piece of advice to get your dog a crate that will help them get a grasp of their personal space and safe environment. 

  • Snacks 

Have regular timings when feeding your dog; it is not smart to give your pet food constantly because you will make a contra effect of them constantly begging for food, and consequently them increasing in weight. Learn how to distinguish them begging for food, and them actually being hungry. 

Being a first parent to the pet is quite a demanding task since there is a long period of making the habits and you becoming a family. But, with dedication and proper education, this should not be a problem.

Author: Allen Brown.

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