9bar Indulge Review

a mum reviews 9bar indulge review

I love cereal/snack bars! They are great when you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just a busy mum who needs to get something to eat really quickly whilst at the same time dealing with morning sickness/a baby on the boob/toddler mess/*insert applicable scenario*. They are easy to grab and eat with one hand and if you pick your brand well they can be very nutritious too!

Most of the bars in the shops are full of sugar and don’t really give you any lasting energy or good nutrients but there are a few brands out there that make yummy and healthy bars. My favourite is 9bar. They have a new range out called Indulge and I love it! The range is chocolatey and feels like a treat even though the bars are healthy and full of seeds (just like 9bar’s non-chocolatey bars) – great if you fancy something a little naughty but still want to make a healthy choice. Delicious!

I’ve tried Cocoa & Raspberry, Cocoa & Coconut and Cocoa & Hazelnut. My favourite is the Raspberry one because the flavour is really intense. Raspberry and cocoa is a fun flavour combination that works really well! Cocoa & Cashew is available too.

Have you tried 9bar?

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