The Angriest Man In Brooklyn – A Film Review

A Mum Reviews The Angriest Man In BrooklynFilm Review

I watched this film with my mum and my husband the same night that Robin Williams committed suicide. Very strange timing! I’ve never been a huge fan of Robin Williams’ choice of roles (exceptions are his characters in Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society) but when I watched this film I really liked him and his acting.

The film is about a very angry man called Henry who goes to his doctor and has to settle with a substitute doctor (Mila Kunis) who mistakenly tells him he only has 90 minutes left to live. This prompts Henry to try to reconcile with his wife, family and friends in the very short time that he thinks he has left of his life.

It’s a really funny and sweet story but also one that makes you think about life and what is important. All three of us laughed out loud a lot and the film made a lasting impression on all of us. The next morning we watched the news and found out about Robin Williams’ death. Very odd!

This film has quite mixed reviews but we really enjoyed it and I very much recommend it!

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