Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House

Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House A Mum Reviews

Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House

Star Wars is back and it’s better than ever. In this latest installment, The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker is back to train Rey, a young woman born to take on the Death Star. But will she succeed? For fans that haven’t seen the movie, we’ll keep the surprises under wraps. But once the latest in the franchises have been seen, how do Star Wars superfans keep the force alive? By decorating their homes and offices with tribute pieces, of course!

The Death Star is one of the most ominous and obvious symbols of a galaxy in peril, and as such, makes for a dramatic room theme for a tribute room. The Death Star is a mobile spaceship, planet, and titanic mega-weapon, designed to wipe out anything in its path. The ship’s mission of destruction is formulated by one of the most iconic fictional villains in recent memory; Darth Vader. IGN lists Lord Vader as the number one fictional villain ever created and the American Film Institute ranks him at number three.

Villany aside, creating a tribute room for what is perhaps the best mega-weapon ever created in science fiction is simply badass. This article will help Star Wars superfans find all the latest accoutrements for the best Death Star room on the planet next to George Lucas’ of course. Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House A Mum Reviews

May the Force Not Be with You

Imagine walking the cold halls of the original Death Star on the way to an important meeting with Darth Vader and his minions. Creating the minimalist machine vibe in blacks, grays, and whites could be easy in a bedroom or office. Of course, the furniture should be sleek and futuristic to fit with the theme.

Painting some iconic Star Wars figures on the wall, with a few lightsabers as night light are great ways to decorate a child’s room.

Whether it’s subtle highlights or a hardcore splash, there are dozens of ideas for decorating a Star Wars themed room on the ‘net.

Once the carpet, walls, and furniture have been established, the Star Wars superfan must find just the right accessories to bring the Death Star home. We’ve compiled some of the best places to shop for Star Wars memorabilia and accessories. Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House A Mum Reviews

#1 Hot Topic

Creating the most awesome Star Wars Death Star room must start with a visit to Hot Topic. There is no better place on the planet for everything Vader. Here are some great examples of goodies for every room in the house:

  • For the living room. No Death Star is complete without Death Troopers. These 7.5-inch tall life-like statues have more menace than their size implies. They are great conversation starters on an office desk, and always ready to crush any Rebels that walk in.
  • For the kitchen. We love the Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Panini Press. This device is yummy in all kinds of ways; Star Wars geeks can pay tribute to Darth and his Stormtroopers with every bite. The panini press is portable and easy to clean, but this kitchen must-have leaves one burning question: How does Lord Vader eat with that helmet on?
  • For the bedroom. We’ve covered the living room and kitchen; how about the bedroom? Of course, there’s a Star Wars Death Star full/queen Comforter for $89.90. One word: Awesome.
  • Finally, no Death Star tribute bathroom would be complete without the Star Wars R2-D2 Toothbrush Holder. Just like R2, this trusty sidekick was designed to hold on to the most valuable weapon in the prevention of tooth decay a toothbrush.

Hot Topic is also a great place to outfit a wardrobe with Star Wars costumes, t-shirts, and wearable gear. Take the Death Star everywhere by selecting some of the coolest outfits to feed your inner Luke or Leia. Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House A Mum Reviews

#2 ThinkGeek

Embracing the inner Star Wars nerd is easy at ThinkGeek. But no Death Star inner sanctum would be complete without that iconic music! In vinyl, of course, to stick with the retro theme. ThinkGeek has it front and center the entire Star Wars music collection from the movies.

Like Yoda would say, “A must have I think, this is.”

But wait. Check out the Star Wars Han Solo Fridge for only $138.99 (sale price!).

Question: How many beers can one fit in the Han Solo fridge?
Answer: At least a dozen, which should be enough.

If beer isn’t the thing, here are Star Wars mixed drink recipes. We don’t discriminate and the Star Wars Han Solo Fridge can hold vodka as well as it can chill beer. Note this is a traveling fridge for all intergalactic adventures; there is a handle on top. (Don’t worry, carbonite is surprisingly light.) Speaking of light, the front glows red like Han after being frosted.

But should Han Solo go in the office or in the kitchen? The location is strictly up to the buyer, who also has the option of turning this piece of equipment into a heater to keep food warm instead of cold. Pretty slick.

Suitable for a bedroom or den, ThinkGeek went to the trouble of slaying the dreaded Wampa snow beast. They brought the skinned carcass back straight from Hoth and now it’s ready for the floor of any room. From the plush head down to the scary claws, this beast has been fully tamed and is ready to inhabit a home. The rug has a non-slip backing and high-quality synthetic fur suitable for the Wookie in you. Awesome Star Wars Room Ideas for The Whole House A Mum Reviews

“The force is strong with this one.”
Darth Vader

The legend of Darth Vader and the Death Star has been enshrined in movies. But now the home office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even closets of a home can pay tribute to all things Jedi. We’ve highlighted two of the best places to shop for Star Wars paraphernalia; but the internet has dozens of choices that would please even Lord Vader himself.

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