Capturing Special Moments – Sony Xperia #WhatsYourX

Capturing Special Moments – Sony Xperia #WhatsYourX A Mum Reviews

Capturing Special Moments – Sony Xperia #WhatsYourX

Sony describes an X Moment as a split second in time that means something to you that’s here and then gone. It could be a baby’s first steps, achieving a personal goal, a sporting achievement, your dog’s whimsical expression, or just a random flash of happiness and hilarity. It’s a moment that you’d love to capture perfectly that’s all too missable if you, or your phone isn’t up to the job.

As a mum, I have so many moments like this each day. My toddler and my newborn change so much all the time and I want to capture all the big moments such as doing things or trying things for the first time and reaching important milestones but also the simply funny bits like when my toddler pronounces a word in a really strange way or makes strange expressions. The next day, she might have learnt to say that word perfectly correct and have stopped making that face. You never know so I want to capture these special moments that make me proud or make me laugh so that I can keep them forever and look back at them whenever I want. I also want to show them to my daughters when they’re older. My toddler already loves looking back at photos and videos of herself and her sister.

I always carry my phone with me to be able to take photos of my daughters. I use it more for that than phoning and texting! I could really do with an upgrade though as my phone camera isn’t as good as I wish it was. The photos we take with my husband’s newer phone are so much better, sharper and clearer and I always prefer them. A good phone camera really makes a different when it comes to capturing your memories and ensures you get great, high quality snaps that are suitable for printing and displaying too.Capturing Special Moments – Sony Xperia #WhatsYourX A Mum Reviews

One of my many X Moments is this photo from my eldest daughter’s first trip to the seaside and first dip in the sea! That only happens once and I’m very happy that I captured this special moment that she had with her dad.

What’s your X Moment? Share some of your most precious, fleeting moments via Twitter and tag @SonyXperiaGB #WhatsYourX. I’d love to see yours!

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