CBD for Treating Acne

CBD for Treating Acne A Mum Reviews

CBD for Treating Acne

CBD products are everywhere at the moment and that’s because they can be very useful products for different things. CBD oil and other products can be used lots of ailments like chronic pain, migraines and arthritis but did you also know that you can use CBD for skincare?

One area that I find particularly interesting is the use of CBD for treating acne. Acne is something that I struggled with in my early and mid-twenties and it was an awful experience trying lots of different harsh skincare products, desperate to find something that would work.

In the end, I finally turned to more gentle and natural products and did find some that worked well for me.

I have read a lot about the use of CBD for treating acne and, if my breakouts return (which they might after I finish breastfeeding our youngest daughter and my hormones go back to normal), I will definitely give CBD oil a go as part of my skincare routine to prevent acne flare-ups. Here’s why:

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties which is great when fighting acne. It can also adjust the body’s sebum production. The cannabis plant also has known antibacterial and antifungal effects which should benefit the skin and help it stay clear.

CBD for Treating Acne A Mum Reviews

Sebum, Acne & CBD

Sebum is the oily substance that our skin makes, that can block pores. It’s there because it protects our skin from the world around us but when mixed with dead skin cells, pollutants and dirt, pores can become clogged and cause acne. Some people also have excess sebum production.

When sebum fully blocks a pore, you develop a whitehead, when the pore is only slightly blocked, you get a blackhead and when there’s bacteria trapped inside a pore, under the blockage, you can develop painful cystic acne. All these different types of acne are caused by the sebum blockage.

Studies have shown that CBD can prevent overproduction of sebum as well as prevent inflammation.

Of course, there are lots of reasons why people get acne, not just sebum production. Lots of people have acne because of hormonal imbalances or lifestyle factors and for some it’s simply genetic.

CBD for Treating Acne A Mum Reviews

CBD Skincare Products

How we look after our skin can definitely help and, though I found my acne to be hormonal, my skincare routine and products clearly made a difference to my skin too.

My main attraction to CBD for treating acne is that it’s a natural product that should not cause any irritation to the skin like many acne treatments do.

There are lots of product types to choose from whether you prefer a CBD oil, a cream or a serum with CBD added to it. If you’re choosing an oil, make sure it’s one suitable for topical use as many CBD oils are made for oral consumption and these will not be suitable for using as a skincare treatment. Always use all CBD products according to their instructions and be patient as it can take up to two months to see proper results.

Though the connection and studies between CBD and acne are new and more studies and trials are needed, it’s definitely an option worth trying If you’re suffering from acne and are looking for a natural acne treatment.


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