Custom Bags and Reusable Bags – The Green Way to Carry your Stuff

Custom Bags and Reusable Bags – The Green Way to Carry your Stuff A Mum Reviews

Custom Bags and Reusable Bags – The Green Way to Carry your Stuff

By now, everybody has heard about the green movement. The idea is to decrease the negative impact people have on the environment, and (hopefully) start making permanent changes towards the positive. One common way to do this is to choose to use reusable bags and polythene bag instead of plastic ones Reusable bags can also come in the form of custom bags which makes them more interesting and special too.

What are Reusable Bags?

Reusable bags are neither plastic nor paper. They are a sturdy cloth-like material which can be washed and reused. They don’t need to be recycled, like paper and plastic, and you can get a lot of use out of them – many reusable bags will last as long as ten years.

Advantages of reusable bags:

  • A family of four that switches to reusable bags for their shopping can cut down on between 260 and 520 bags every single year – and that’s for low to moderate shoppers.
  • The bags can be repurposed when they begin to get a little worn, thus prolonging their trip to the landfill even further.
  • These reusable bags can be custom made to suit each person’s unique style.
  • Businesses can market their store on the front and back of custom bags. Since these don’t get thrown away, they offer a more lasting effect than paper or plastic.
  • Business owners can also sell these bags at a small cost to their eco-friendly customers, which could potentially turn a very small extra profit.

Custom Bags and Reusable Bags – The Green Way to Carry your Stuff A Mum Reviews


  • Reusable bags can contain germs after use, which would make them dangerous. This can be alleviated, however, by remembering to wash them after each use. Don’t put things like raw meat (even if packaged) in your reusable bags. Use a separate bag for those types of products or put them in seals glass Tupperware to keep your bags hygienic.
  • You must remember them when going to the store. One great idea is to always store them in your car after washing or after putting your shopping away. Smaller, fold-up style bags can be kept in your handbag too.
  • Although reusable bags are cheaper in the long term, they do require a small upfront investment. Typically, this they’re not very expensive, but it may prove difficult to afford for some individuals.

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5 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Older Bags

  • Use as cleaning supply caddies to make cleaning your home easier
  • Use as gift bags for birthdays and other occasions. The bag itself is like a gift, and you do away with additional packaging or paper bags.
  • Create crafting bags with all the necessary supplies. This is a great idea for families with children!
  • Cut bags apart and sew into small outfits and accessories for dolls.
  • Use for small toy storage which can be attached to a hook on the wall. This saves space in your home and helps the environment!

Where to Purchase

You can find affordable, durable custom bags which can be reused online at sites like There is a wide variety of sizes and designs that you can choose from. Business owners can even purchase reusable bags with their company logo on it, which also makes for good marketing.

Going green is definitely worth it and the difference a single person can make solely by replacing their plastic or paper grocery bags with reusable ones is amazing and imagine what we can achieve if we all do it!

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