Dealing with Male Hair Loss

How to Deal with Male Hair Loss A Mum Reviews

Dealing with Male Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that lots of men have to deal with (and some women too!) but it doesn’t actually mean that you’re losing all your hair and are going bald. There are different types of male hair loss and one is called male pattern baldness and this is a genetic condition that you can’t prevent. Other hair loss can be caused by a variety of different factors. If you’re experiencing hair loss in a regular pattern (not random patches) then it’s most likely male pattern baldness.A Mum Reviews

If you’re feeling self-consious about this situation, don’t worry ⁠— there are plenty of ways to deal with male hair loss and we’ll explore a few of the options in this article. So many men go through this ⁠— remember that it’s completely normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. Check out why do men go bald and how to treat it with

A Mum Reviews

Ways to Deal with Male Hair Loss

  • Try a New Hair Cut

One of the first things you can try when you notice hair loss is to visit your salon and ask for advice on which types of hair styles might suit you better now or which ones can help you cover up a receding hairline (if that’s what you want to do). Many men with male pattern baldness choose to embrace it and opt for a very short hairstyle which can look great too. See what you feel like doing or try different styles to see what you like best. A professional hairdresser such as scissor paper rock London will be able to help you.

How to Deal with Male Hair Loss A Mum Reviews
  • Try a Hair Piece

If the situation is upsetting you and you really miss your full head of hair, the solution to deal with male hair loss can be to use a hair piece. This will give you your full head of hair back without any treatments or side effects and can be a really successful option for many.

How to Deal with Male Hair Loss A Mum Reviews
  • Try a Treatment or Procedure

There are treatments available too, like lotions that you apply to your scalp and medicines and they work for some men but also often come with side effects like skin irritations or hormonal problems so you’ll have to consider the treatments carefully before starting them. Another option is to get a hair transplant but that’s a very expensive procedure that takes a long time as you have to have several appointments and treatments. Healing takes quite some time too and there are restrictions on what you can do and even on how you can sleep during the time after the procedure to ensure you don’t disrupt anything.

How to Deal with Male Hair Loss A Mum Reviews


Lots of men all over the world deal with male hair loss every day. As you can see, there are different ways to deal with this and you have to research and choose the way that will work the best for you, your needs and your budget. Hopefully you will find a solution that you are happy with and will be confident with your hair and look again soon!

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