Fashion: Exploring the Evolution and History of Prom Dresses

Fashion: Exploring the Evolution and History of Prom Dresses A Mum Reviews

Fashion: Exploring the Evolution and History of Prom Dresses

The concept of prom nights gained hype at the beginning of the 20th century. There is no denying the fact that prom dresses can be expensive, but it’s an important event for many teenagers and they like to make it special by choosing a dress that they love.

The style of the prom dress has experienced a significant change over the years and keeps changing too. Are you keen to discover this evolution? If you are excited to know about the journey of prom attire, then we will give you a brief insight over how it’s developed over the years.

Fashion: Exploring the Evolution and History of Prom Dresses A Mum Reviews

| A Peep Inside the History of Prom Dresses |

  • Exploring The 1930s

The Prom nights were very formal in the 1930s, and the middle-class Americans enjoyed them the most. Now, in the 1940s the concept of proms became more popular, and High Schools celebrated this occasion as well.

  • The 1940s Meant Prom Dresses for The Hourglass Figure

When we talk about the prom dresses of the 1940s, then it will not be wrong to state that these dresses were designed to highlight the female hourglass figure.

  • Prom Attire In the 1950s

If we want to talk about the true evolution of prom dresses, then this started in the 1950s. In 1950s women flaunted sleeveless prom attire but the most interesting part of these dresses was that they had so much taffeta.

  • Introduction of Prom Add-Ons in the 1960s

In the 1960s the prom dresses experienced some add-ons. For example, white gloves became popular, and women wore these gloves at prom nights. The light pastel and white colors were not popular anymore and instead people loved the blue, orange and earthy red colored prom dresses during this era.

  • Prom Dresses Experienced Innovation in the 1970s

In the 70’s, the concept of the dresses changed a bit. What people appreciated during this time were floral and geometric patterns which were colourful and fun!

  • The 1980s Welcomed the Bright Prom Attire Colours

The 1980s continued to see the rise of prom dresses and during this time people loved fuller skirts. The pink and blue prom attire was the trend of the day.

  • The Metallic Toned Dresses of the 1990s

The metallic dresses got admiration in the 1990s and this was the time when decorated prom attire received immense applaud. Girls wore dresses with short hemlines and sequins on prom nights.

Prom dresses still excite people in the 21st century and most women prefer to go for prom dresses that have over the top decoration for this special occasion. Two piece prom dresses are also an in thing these days and one-shouldered dresses are also worn by many for prom.

A beautiful prom dress will make the event extra special and memorable as it symbolizes jubilation and festive occasions. Make sure that you get your prom attire today and flaunt it with pride on the prom night. The occasion is bound to bring beautiful memories that you will treasure always.

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