FlashSticks – Travel Vocabulary

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FlashSticks – Travel Vocabulary

It’s pretty much summer now and with summer comes travelling! I’ve not got a holiday booked yet but my mind is in holiday mood and I’ve therefore been brushing up on my travel related Italian vocabulary using my FlashSticks.


The words from my packs that I think are most related to travel and holiday essentials are:

  • il mare (sea)
  • il mondo (world)
  • l’aereo (aeroplane)
  • prenotare (to book)
  • partire (to leave)
  • viaggiare (to travel)
  • il libro (book)
  • l’orologio da polso (watch)
  • il portafoglio (wallet)
  • i soldi (money)
  • la carta d’identità

As you can see in the first photo, I have added my FlashSticks to my hand luggage essentials together with my wallet, identification, lip balm, hand sanitiser, book, watch, phone and sun cream. They take up so little room so are perfect to fit in any small bag. Using your FlashSticks on the plane by sticking them on the chair in front of you and in your hotel room once you’ve arrived are perfect ways to keep learning effortlessly while you are travelling.

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