How Old Is Your Boiler and Is It a Combi Boiler?

How Old Is Your Boiler and Is It a Combi Boiler? A Mum Reviews

How Old Is Your Boiler and Is It a Combi Boiler?

It’s that time of the year again when people across the country are turning the heating back on. Many of us feel a bit reluctant to do this as it means summer is really over and that our energy bills will go up by quite a bit.

The type of boiler you use to heat your house makes a big difference to the cost and newer ones are much more efficient than old ones. How old is your boiler? We changed our boiler soon after our first daughter was born three years ago so ours is quite new but we do not have a combi boiler which is what we really wanted. We changed our boiler under a scheme and they would only change it for a conventional one.

Combi boilers are now the most popular choice of boiler here in the UK and unlike the conventional ones, they provide on-demand heating to both your radiators throughout the house and your domestic hot water.

This means that you can get hot water instantly and you don’t have to wait for half an hour or an hour for your water tank to fill up with hot water. It also means you don’t have to have a water tank taking up lots of precious space. Our one is huge! I would have so much more storage space if we didn’t have a conventional boiler combi boilers are definitely ideal for houses with limited space and most of us are low on storage.How Old Is Your Boiler and Is It a Combi Boiler? A Mum Reviews

The compact size is naturally an attractive feature of combi boilers but they’re also straightforward to install as they usually come with minimal piping.

I love the constant availability of hot water there are many occasions when it would be great to be able to wash a few pots or get the kids in the bath without waiting for the water to heat up.

You might think the water pressure would be affected but it remains high even after long periods of heavy use. It’s only when homes have several bathrooms that are being used at the same time that there might be a slight decline in water pressure if the appliances are being used simultaneously, but that’s usually easy to avoid.How Old Is Your Boiler and Is It a Combi Boiler? A Mum Reviews

Like with most things, combi boilers come in different sizes, types and styles and there’s one to suit every family’s home and needs. The size you need will depend on the size of your home and, if you can, you should try to get one with an A energy rating as that’s the most efficient one. Nowadays, good rated one do not have to be expensive.

Hassle Free Boilers offers the option to pay monthly for your new boiler and this includes the installation and full cover too. It doesn’t have to be a big upfront cost at all so you can change your boiler any time to ensure you have an efficient one to heat your home and water this autumn and winter.

We’re hoping to move to a larger house in the next year or two and then we’ll have a combi boiler and an instant supply of hot water and a house that is heated efficiently so that we can enjoy our home properly.

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