How to Maximise your Bathroom Storage

DIY Tricks to Update Your Bathroom for Less A Mum Reviews

How to Maximise your Bathroom Storage

There are quite a few items to store in most family bathrooms but often the result is messy and disorganised which can make your bathroom feel a lot less relaxing than it should be. Your bathroom should be an oasis where you can relax in a hot bath at the end of the day, not a cluttered room full of bath toys, toiletries scattered around the room and piles of laundry…

In this post, we’ll be focussing on ways you can maximise your bathroom storage and make your bathroom an organised space, perfect for relaxation (even if you do have kids!).

How to Maximise your Bathroom Storage A Mum Reviews

  • Use your walls

Not all bathrooms have built-in units and if you don’t have them, they can be hard to add in later. But all bathrooms have walls and you should utilise them. A large wall hung mirror cabinet doesn’t take up any floor space at all but will make your bathroom feel bigger thanks to the mirror and hide lots of toiletries for the family.

How to Maximise your Bathroom Storage A Mum Reviews

This wall hung mirror cabinet from Bathroom Takeaway is very generously sized and looks great too! We have it ready to put up on the wall (it comes fully assembled) but are waiting for one of our builders to come and help us locate the beams in the wall as it’s quite heavy.

If floor space is limited, also add shelved to the wall. Over the door is a great space that is often forgotten and could be a perfect place for a shelf to hold spare towels and things like that.

How to Maximise your Bathroom Storage A Mum Reviews

  • Freestanding Storage

If you don’t have a vanity unit under your sink, you can get freestanding options that fit around the base of your sink. This is a quick way to add storage to an area that is otherwise unused. Great for bigger items like shower products and shampoo, spare toilet roll and all those bath toys that you want to hide away as soon as they’re dry!

  • Hide Some Things

Certain things do not need to be on display in a bathroom and one of them is dirty washing. Invest in a pretty laundry basket with a lid so that it all stays out of sight. Other things that are better hidden (and out of reach if you have kids!) are cleaning products, so find a space for them behind cupboard doors if you can.

How to Maximise your Bathroom Storage A Mum Reviews

  • Decorative Storage

Not everything can be nor should be hidden away. Even in a calm and minimalist space, there will be selected items on display. I love a clean and almost empty bath with just a few special, luxurious bath treats on the side or on a Bamboo Bath Caddy. You can keep your favourites on display here and ready to be used for a relaxing bath at the end of the day. This one even has a space for your book or iPad and a glass of wine!

In collaboration with Bathroom Takeaway. Bathroom cupboard kindly gifted.

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