How to Prepare Your Daughter for her First Period

How to Prepare Your Daughter for her First Period A Mum Reviews

How to Prepare Your Daughter for her First Period

I remember very well what it was like being pre-teen and getting my very first period. I felt quite prepared as in Sweden, where I grew up, all pre-teen girls are sent samples and booklets about puberty and periods to read to help them understand what’s to come. This was great and I had pads and tampons ready and knew what was happening in my body and what I needed to do.

Here in the UK, everything to do with the body and sexual health seems to be a bit more hush-hush which is really not good for young girls and boys as they don’t understand how their bodies work as well.

It’s really important to talk to your children and especially to prepare your daughter for their first period so that it’s not a big shock when it arrives. Below are some things you, as a mum, can do to help prepare your daughter:

How to Prepare Your Daughter for her First Period A Mum Reviews

  • Don’t Hide Your Own Period

Don’t hide the fact that you have a period every month. Let your daughter know that it’s completely normal and don’t hide period sanitary wear from her. It all needs to be very clear that it’s a very normal part of being a woman and nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Explain How the Body Works

Go through the biological aspects of a period and explain why it happens and how it all works. This is a very essential part as it’s important for young girls to know how their bodies work and why they suddenly start bleeding for a week each month.

  • Show Her the Different Options

There are many different types of sanitary wear these days, so show your daughter what’s available to choose from tampons, pads, as well as reusable options like cloth sanitary pads and menstrual cups. Lil-Lets have a special range designed for teenagers with pads that are smaller and narrower to fit younger girls well.

  • Make her a Gift Pack

Something I plan to do for my daughters when the time comes is to make them a little gift pack or hamper of all the things that they might need or want for their period. This could include sanitary wear, black underwear, comfy lounge-wear, a hot water bottle and of course some chocolate!

Periods are not the most fun part of being a woman but they are a big part of our lives as females and young girls need to be prepared and well-informed before their first period arrives.

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