How to Relax After IVF

How to Relax After IVF A Mum Reviews

How to Relax After IVF

IVF is tough on your body and your mind. Both partners will have certain anxieties during and after the process. Don’t be hard on yourself – it’s normal to worry and obsess during the two week wait. If you need some ideas to make sure you and your partner relax after treatment, you’ve come to the right place. After all, your body will need to recover from the physical ordeal and his mind will go into overdrive at the same time as yours. Here’s what you can do. How to Relax After IVF A Mum Reviews

  • Communicate

You may think that by not sharing your thoughts, optimistic or doubtful, you’re protecting one another. That isn’t always the case. Couples who communicate with each other often feel a huge sense of relief because they’re usually feeling the same things. IVF and infertility is a tough thing to go through. It’s one of the hardest battles many couples face, so make sure to fight it together and you’re sure to come out the other side. How to Relax After IVF A Mum Reviews

  • Plan Dates

Going on a nice date is a treat at any given time, but it’s important after IVF. It gives you both an excuse to unwind and enjoy yourselves. You could visit the cinema and watch a comedy – laughter is always good at this point. Or, why not treat yourself to a meal so no-one has to have the hassle of cooking. Don’t do anything that involves something dangerous or too much exercise in the two week wait, but it’s great to let loose. How to Relax After IVF A Mum Reviews

  • Spend Time Apart

You don’t have to be glued to each other’s hips while you wait for your IVF result. Spending time doing the things that you love is good for you, and that doesn’t mean you have to be together. It could be as simple as buying a mountfield self propelled mower and letting him mow the grass if he enjoys gadgets or arranging a fishing trip if that’s his thing. While he’s doing whatever he enjoys, you could be watching your favourite movies or spending an afternoon out with your friends. How to Relax After IVF A Mum Reviews

  • Don’t Symptom Check

It’s easier said than done, but worrying about every niggle and pain won’t do any good. Researching what other women felt during their two week wait will often cause more stress than relieve it. You can never be absolutely sure of what each twinge means, so there’s no point in reading too much into it. Your body is likely to still be getting back to normal after the IVF medications so, unless you’re in severe pain, try and distract yourself with other things. How to Relax After IVF A Mum Reviews

  • Cancel Plans

It can be a fragile and emotional time, so you won’t need any unnecessary stress. If you’re expected to do a big presentation at work or a family member has asked you to plan a baby shower, it’s okay to say no without explanation. If you need a doctor’s note to take time off work, don’t be afraid to get one. People may not understand but you need to put yourself and your partner first.

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