How to Teach Kids to Code

How to Teach Kids to Code

How to Teach Kids to Code

I remember being taught the basics of coding when I was at school, building a very simple website when I was a teenager. That was pretty much it for my school coding education until I went to university and took some courses that required learning a bit more than just the basics. As a child, I didn’t need to know about coding but it’s a very different world today. 

These days, coding is a much bigger part of our everyday lives and our children’s lives and it’s likely to grow in importance too. Luckily, young kids pick up skills so quickly, and, having grown up with technology all around them, toddlers are usually better at handling an iPhone or a tablet than an elderly person would be! Tech is second nature for most kids in this modern world that we live in and coding is a natural next step to explore. 

How to Teach Kids to Code
  • When and How to Teach Kids to Code

So how can you teach kids to code? Like with most things, earlier is better than later. Young children are like sponges and their brains can quickly absorb new information which helps kids learn new things easily.

When teaching kids to code (and other things too!), it’s always best to try to make it fun as they are much more likely to pay attention and want to continue if they’re having a good time and are enjoying the activity. There are lots of great resources available online to help you make teaching kids to code fun for them and easy for you as a parent or teacher too. 

One great option is CodeMonkey which is an educational game based environment that provides kids with all the skills they need to learn to code without any previous experience at all. 

CodeMonkey has award-winning coding courses that are entertaining for kids and leaves them feeling confident about their new programming skills.The courses use text-based coding just like real developers do!

The courses feature both online challenges and unplugged activities like reasoning, logic, collaboration with friends and computational thinking.

  • Support for Teachers

The system is equipped with everything teachers need to teach coding to children in the classroom. From CodeMonkey’s Classroom Dashboard, you can easily manage your students and curriculum. There’s automatic grading and detailed coding lessons to help you plan your lessons with both play activities and teaching. There’s guidance and support along the way for your professional development as a teacher as well.


Modern skills like coding should naturally be taught in a modern way and the coding for kids programming games from CodeMonkey are perfect for equipping the next generation with much needed coding skills. Their future is very likely to involve even more technology in both home and work life and having coding skills that they’re confident and passionate about will be a huge asset to them that will help them in their career and life.

Article with Code Monkey.

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