Infacol Colic Awareness | Win a The White Company Sleeping Bag

Infacol Colic Awarness Month + Win a White Company Sleeping Bag! A Mum Reviews

Infacol Colic Awareness Month + Win a The White Company Sleeping Bag!

Did you know that infant colic affects 1 in 5 babies? Though this is true, 1 in 3 mums admit to not knowing what colic is. Colic is a common medical condition affecting many newborns and it can cause excessive crying. To raise awareness, Infacol and Cry-sis, the only parenting charity dedicated to supporting parents through excessive infant crying, are working on a campaign called Colic Awareness Month.

Infacol is Britain’s Number One Infant Colic remedy, is licensed for the treatment of infant colic, wind and griping pain. It can be used from birth onwards and comes with a handy dropper, making it easy to give your baby.

Cry-sis is a national charity that provides help and support to families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies. Cry-sis runs a national telephone helpline that is available to callers every day of the year between 9am and 10pm. Callers are referred to a trained volunteer member of Cry-sis who has personal experience of crying or sleep problems within their own family.

Infacol Colic Awarness Month + Win a White Company Sleeping Bag! A Mum Reviews

Signs and symptoms of colic include:

  • Intense crying bouts
  • Crying in the late afternoon or evening that lasts several hours
  • The baby’s face is red and flushed when they cry
  • The baby clenches their fists, draws their knees up or arches their back while crying

For more information on infant colic, you can visit To get advice on excessive crying, including one-on-one phone support, visit

Colic Awareness Month

Colic Awareness Month strives to educate and support parents to ensure they can experience the joys of parenthood to the full. Infacol and Cry-sis have carried out new research looking at the different ways that parents around the UK try to soothe their babies when they’re upset.

95% of parents have sung or hummed to calm their baby, 88% have tried the classic going for a drive trick and 67% have turned on the TV or radio for background noise to help settle their baby. Regionally, parents in the East of England are more likely to try singing or humming, while parents in South Wales are more likely to try a car drive. 77% of Welsh parents have tried background noise from TV and radio and it’s programmes about current affairs, documentaries and dramas that seem to be used the most to help babies drift off to sleep. Infacol Colic Awarness Month + Win a White Company Sleeping Bag! A Mum Reviews

Naturally, it can be very stressful for new parents to have a baby who’s crying excessively. It usually means even less sleep and of course parents worry too and are wondering why their baby is crying.

Nowadays there are even apps that can help identify or interpret an infant’s cry using acoustics of cries from thousands of babies to help parents decipher a cry of hunger, pain, tiredness, or if a baby is simply fed-up. Infacol carried out a survey of 500 mums and dads with babies under the age of 2 and found that 1 in 3 parents would be willing to try an app like this, if it helped to calm their infant. Infacol Colic Awarness Month + Win a White Company Sleeping Bag! A Mum Reviews

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