Is Mindfulness Even Possible For Mums?

Is Mindfulness Even Possible For Mums? A Mum Reviews

Is Mindfulness Even Possible For Mums?

Mindfulness and its benefits are at the centre of modern health culture. We’re told time and again that those who embark on mind-focused exercises like meditation and yoga can enjoy the health we only dream of.

The trouble is that, as a busy mum, mindfulness couldn’t seem further from your reality. While you could benefit from quiet contemplation more than most, demanding kids and constant worries mean that finding the time for exercises like these is nigh on impossible. Even when you do manage to sit down, concerns about your kids and your never-ending to-do list might ruin it.

Luckily, it doesn’t need to be that way. In reality, plenty of mums find space for mindfulness in their lives, and we have a few handy hints to help you join them.

Is Mindfulness Even Possible For Mums? A Mum Reviews

# 1 – Give yourself time to unwind

Yoga sessions are never going to calm you down if you go straight to the mat after putting the kids to bed. Your mind will be bustling, and distractions galore will soon plague your practice. Meditation, especially, will be impossible if you don’t first get yourself in a calmer mentality. Before even trying it, you need to get into some unwinding routines that work for you. It may be that taking a calm bath gets you ready, or sitting down a steaming cup of tea. Either way, give yourself this time so that your mindfulness stands half a chance.

Is Mindfulness Even Possible For Mums? A Mum Reviews

# 2 – Separate home and mindfulness

If you’ve ever tried yoga with the kids’ toys all around and dinner stains still on your top, you’ll know it doesn’t work. That’s why our next point is to separate home and mindfulness. Booking outside yoga sessions is best for this, as it helps you to take a step out, and practice in a space that’s singular to your mindfulness efforts. You may even find it useful to go as far as investing in all-new yoga clothes that you only use for this purpose. That way, your kids will be in a different mental sphere, freeing you to focus on yourself at last.

Is Mindfulness Even Possible For Mums? A Mum Reviews

# 3 – Get the kids involved

As any mum knows, sometimes,  you have to work with the situation as it arises. Often, that means you won’t be able to separate mindfulness from home. In these instances, you might just find that getting the kids involved is your best chance at getting the clear thinking you need regardless. After all, worrying about what the kids are up to is always going to distract you. When they join in, you’ll know exactly where they are and can, therefore, focus your mind properly. Of course, youngsters might not love meditation, but there are plenty of cool yoga moves for them to try, and mindfulness colouring is guaranteed to go down a treat, too.

Mindfulness might not be as easy for mums as some other people, but it’s by no means impossible. Simply implement these points, sit back, and invite a calmer mentality into your life.

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