Making Your House Extra Homeley Throughout the Festive Season

Making Your House Extra Homeley Throughout the Festive Season A Mum Reviews

Making Your House Extra Homeley Throughout the Festive Season

We spend more time in our homes than at any other time of year during the holiday season. The kids are off school and we’re busy getting them excited for the arrival of the big man: Santa! What’s more? We have what seems like an endless procession of visitors through the doors: family, friends, and other loved ones. So, not only do we want our home to be comfortable and cosy, but we want it to be presentable and something to be proud of too! So, here are a few simple ways to make your house more homely this holiday season without quite throwing organisation and tidiness out of the window!

  • Decluttering

First things first, you need to declutter. We’re nearing the end of the year and chances are that you’ve picked up all sorts of unnecessary bits and bobs along the way. These are just taking up precious space and making things look a little messy. Sort through all of your belongings and dispose of those that serve no purpose and hold no sentimental value. The same goes for broken items that are beyond repair. Remember to be as environmentally friendly as possible throughout this process. Donate perfectly good items to charity, recycle where possible, and only send items to landfill if there’s absolutely nothing else you can do with them.

  • Get the Decorations Up

Sure, getting the festive decorations up can be a little daunting and something that we put off as much as possible. But think of the little one’s faces once the tree is up! Take care of the basics first, such as setup and the distribution of lights. Then make a fun activity of it and get everyone involved! Hanging trinkets and decorations from branches can be surprisingly fun. Not to mention making added extras like snowflakes for the windows, or glitter pasta Christmas decorations. Making Your House Extra Homeley Throughout the Festive Season A Mum Reviews

  • Keep Things Personal

Add an even more personal touch to your home. There are plenty of bespoke items out there around this time of year. Baubles with your kid’s names on, personalised cheese boards, bespoke cushions, doormats, and illustrations… the list goes on and on. Try hanging some pictures too. Choose colours that will match in well with your festive decorations as well as being of general use year round. Browse a range of silver picture frames. This is a relatively neutral colour and a great place to start. Hang portraits and candid shots of your kids, pets, and other much loved ones.

  • Control Lighting

Natural lighting is often the best option when it comes to lighting up your home. But during the winter, days are short and nights are long, so you’re likely to have to pull in the help of artificial lighting somewhere along the way. Sure, your main living space is going to be pretty well catered to with the Christmas tree. But what about your other rooms? Use relatively dim bulbs with a warm glow, rather than blue or white tones. This helps to make things feel extra snug and cosy.

These are just a few areas to focus on, but alone they will make a significant difference!

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