How Much is Your Sugar Addiction Costing You?

How Much is Your Sugar Addiction Costing You?

How Much is Your Sugar Addiction Costing You?

Many of us have a weak spot for sugary things and I sure do. I love a sweet treat! I often think that I should cut down a bit on my sugar intake for health reasons but I’ve not really thought about the financial side of my sweet sugar addiction.

On average we eat around twice as much sugar as the recommended daily intake. This usually results in weight gain can that can lead to lots of other medical conditions. When you look at these problems in terms of financial cost you can see the depth of the issue.

People are spending more than ever trying to lose weight by going to the gym and joining weight loss programs and these activities could add up to over £500 a year simply to lose weight. The biggest spender is the NHS though who have to spend billions on obesity related illnesses every year just because we like to eat unhealthy things.

There’s no need to exclude yummy sweet things altogether but we should try to eat a bit less of them for our health and for the economy. Imagine what all those billions could be used for instead!

For ourselves on a personal level, not eating so many sneaky sweets could improve our bank balances too. Check out the infographic below to find some great ideas on how to decrease your annual sugar bill.

Courtesy of: Pound Place

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