My Tips for Furnishing Your New House on A Tight Budget

My Tips for Furnishing Your New House on A Tight Budget A Mum Reviews

My Tips for Furnishing Your New House on A Tight Budget

You might know that we’ll hopefully be moving to a new house later this year and with that comes not only the expense of actually buying a new and bigger house and the costs of moving house but also the costs of furnishing a whole new home. We can’t take many of the furniture we have now so we pretty much have to start from scratch. Due to the expenses of moving, we can’t just buy whatever we want and have it all ready straight away. We’ll be on a tight budget! Here are my top tips for furnishing a new house when money is tight:

  • Priorities!

Decide which rooms or pieces of furniture are the most important to you. For us, the most important pieces of furniture to buy straight away will be a sofa, beds, mattresses, a dining table and chairs. The rest is not essential but of course nice to have and we’ll add the other furniture as we go along. Really thinking about what you truly need might make you choose a more minimalist approach to your home decor which is a great way to keep costs down.

  • Budget, don’t borrow.

Wouldn’t it be great to win one of the UK available lotteries and just get your house ready in one go? It would be wonderful to have your house ready when you move in but for most of us it’s not achievable finacially. If you can’t afford something right now, try to avoid borrowing money if you can as getting into debt is never a good idea. Instead, make a budget of the money you have available and coming in and set aside an amount for the furniture costs. Write down everything you want and need to buy and how much you would like to spend on each item and stick to this. My Tips for Furnishing Your New House on A Tight Budget A Mum Reviews

  • Choose neutral.

Chose neutral items that you can move around your home for flexibilty in case you change your mind. If that bookshelf you bought is no longer what you wanted for the living room, it can go in the bedroom or office if your entire home’s style is uniform. This could save you a lot of money!

  • Shop around.

The internet provides you with all you need to compare prices of different shops and also gives you access to amazing sites like Gumtree, eBay and Freecycle where you find really good deals on both new and used furniture. Look for good quality items like solid wood furniture and save a fortune buying these items used.

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