My Top Tips for Overcoming January Nights

My Top Tips for Overcoming January Nights A Mum Reviews

My Top Tips for Overcoming January Nights

January is for new beginnings, new years resolutions, and fresh starts. Unfortunately, January is also known for short days and long, dark nights that often have us twiddling our thumbs at home with boredom. I am often the victim of the winter blues, so I’ve thrown together a list of ideas that will curb the January blues and replace them with exciting ideas to get us through the month.My Top Tips for Overcoming January Nights A Mum Reviews

  1. At-Home Spa Night

Nothing will revive your winter skin and rejuvenate your mind better than an at-home spa night! There are plenty of recipes for DIY face scrubs, hair masks and skin smoothers. Create this lovely spa trio from Pop Sugar to get the skin glowing. Gather the family together for a night of pampering that includes cucumber water and scented candles. You’ll be feeling summer ready in no time!

  1. Discover a new Skill

If you are one for mental stimulation, perhaps tackling a new hobby or craft is just what the doctor ordered to cure boredom. A quick internet search will open you up to learning a new language, craft, instrument or life skill.My Top Tips for Overcoming January Nights A Mum Reviews

  1. Board Game Night

Stick to traditional: board game nights are a classic for all types of people. Opt in for a little bit of friendly competition between friends, or have the kids pick a fun and educational game for the family. If your board game selection is lacking, try downloading trivia questions free online, or head on over to Board Game Guru to spice up your gaming life.

  1. Cook Off

If there is a recipe you’ve been waiting to tackle, a cold winter night meeting the heat of the kitchen may be the recipe for success. Find a child-friendly recipe online to get the little ones involved, or a complex dinner for two for you and your beau to create.My Top Tips for Overcoming January Nights A Mum Reviews

  1. Takeout and a Flick Night

When the idea of throwing together a meal is not on the radar currently, perhaps a “minimal effort” night is what you need. Pick a favourite film from your collection (or stream a new one from a movie sharing website such as Netflix) and order your favourite takeaway (Hungry House has thousands of restaurants to choose from) and snuggle under the blankets to a chilled out evening.

  1. Plan your Summer Getaway

For those with busy minds, planning something may be the best thing to get rid of the blues. If taking a holiday is not in the budget this year, gather the family to plan a fun and local summer getaway. Day trips to the zoo, discover a beach, or catch that play you have been waiting to see. Whether achieved or not, throwing together some summer-based ideas will keep your mind off of the dreariness outside.

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