Things that Surprised Me about Giving Birth

Things that Surprised Me about Giving Birth A Mum Reviews

Things that Surprised Me about Giving Birth

When you’re pregnant you read all sorts of things about giving birth and you start to imagine how the event will be for you and how it will all feel. I read and heard lots of things from other mums, magazines and TV-programmes but there were a few things that still surprised me.Things that Surprised Me about Giving Birth A Mum Reviews

You Don’t Have to Push Your Baby Out

If you go with the flow of your body, your body will push the baby out for you without you doing anything. That’s what happened to me. I did not push a single time and just let my uterus do the work. You can’t control the muscles of the uterus so when you’re pushing you’re using your abdominal muscles and might be forcing the baby out faster than it wants to. I didn’t tear so I think letting the uterus push at its own speed helps let the tissues stretch and prepare for delivery. I’m planning on doing the same when I give birth to my second baby in the very near future.

You Have No Idea How You Will React to the Pain

I have a very high pain threshold because I’ve had chronic pains for many years and usually don’t take painkillers as they make me woozy. I thought birth would be very painful, but I though that I’d be quiet through the pain like I normally am. I was so wrong! I screamed the whole midwife-led unit down at the end when my baby was coming out and I couldn’t focus on using gas and air anymore. I’m sure everyone could hear me!

Your Bum Might Not Have Anything to Do With It

I’ve heard midwifes on TV say so many times that you will feel pressure in your bum or feel like you need the toilet when your baby is being born but this might not be true at all for some women. I had no feelings in that area at all during my labour with my first baby.

The Placenta Just Plops Out

I thought I’d feel the placenta coming out, but it just slides out so it’s nothing like giving birth again. I had the injection to help it detach quickly and it was out a few minutes later.

You Might Not Be In Pain Afterwards

On Pinterest and mummy chat boards, I’d seen maternity padsicles which is maternity pads with aloe vera and witch hazel that you freeze before wearing and they seem really popular. Many women also say that using a spray bottle or something to pour water on you is essential when you go to pee so I expected to be really sore down there. Luckily, my bits were fine and not painful at all! I did have plenty of pain in my belly as my uterus contracted back to normal size when I was breastfeeding, though.Things that Surprised Me about Giving Birth A Mum Reviews


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