Tips for Baby Proofing your Home

Tips for Babyproofing your Home A Mum Reviews

Tips for Baby Proofing your Home

Your baby’s safety is a number one priority as a mother, it’s important to let your little one explore their environment in the safest way – by baby proofing your home. Identifying your home’s hazards should be your first step; baby proofing areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and any other areas of your house that pose as a threat to your child are essential to keeping your child safe.

As soon as your baby begins to roll and move around, it’s time to fasten safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent them from tumbling down them. If your home is an open plan, you may also want to consider installing safety gates to prevent your baby from accessing certain rooms. Fastening safety gates around the house can be a challenging task, so why not consider having a professional do the work for you? The Handy Squad, London handyman babyproofing experts can fit a baby gate for your child in just 20 minutes! As stated on Parents, it’s vital to make sure the baby gates are installed properly to prevent any accidental falls, the Handy Squad can guarantee a securely installed gate, keeping your baby safe at all times.

Tips for Babyproofing your Home A Mum Reviews

The kitchen. The place that is the most dangerous but most fascinating room to explore for a child. If your baby happens to be fond of exploring this area, then childproof all cup-boards, cabinets and drawers. It’s essential to childproof these areas, especially if you store items like chemicals, medicines, tools, utensils, plastic bags or lighters in them. To ensure that your little one doesn’t open anything containing dangerous items, we would recommend locking them with a child-proof lock. Or to be extra safe, install a safety gate to block off the entrance to the kitchen. How to Make Your Home a Safe Place for Your Baby & Toddler A Mum Reviews

Protecting your baby’s fingers is also a necessity when baby proofing your home. Placing hinge protectors on ironing boards, deckchairs and doors can prevent their delicate fingers from getting trapped or harmed in any way. Plug outlets are at an eye-level for your baby, and it can be pretty tempting for them to stick their fingers or any object inside, however, all British outlets have shutters to stop your baby from getting an electric shock if they manage to squeeze something inside. But for even further protection, install baby-safe covers on all electrical outlets. As recommended by Mothercare UK, you should also try to keep all of your stationery tools in a higher draw where your child cannot reach them.

Keep all household appliances, like the vacuum cleaner, unplugged and packed away when not in use, as large appliances like these can be a fatal hazard for your child if left laying around. Also, place all power cables out of your baby’s reach, check lamps, TVs, chargers, computers and any other electronic devices. A baby proofing tip from Pampers suggests that getting down on all fours and experimenting what your baby can easily reach is a great way for you to write a list of other baby proofing tasks to follow up on.

How to Make Your Home a Safe Place for Your Baby & Toddler A Mum Reviews

Finally, when you’ve baby proofed to maximum security and feel everything is perfect, take a final check just make sure you’ve missed nothing out. If you aren’t sure whether everything is perfectly safe, Handy Squad’s London baby proofing experts are able to final-check your child-proofed home and even spot a danger that might have slipped. You can contact their friendly team on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a free quote by booking online on their website.

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