Tips for Families With Young Kids Travelling to the Amalfi Coast

Tips for Families With Young Kids Travelling to the Amalfi Coast A Mum Reviews

Tips for Families With Young Kids Travelling to the Amalfi Coast

Italy makes the perfect spot for a vacation at any time of the year. But nothing beats the laid-back and stunning scenery along the Amalfi Coast. Holidaymakers can choose from several Amalfi Coast Villas & Luxury Retreats Vacation Rentals overlooking the Mediterranean Coast. And even better, the region is family friendly meaning you can have your holiday of a lifetime. Here’s a roundup of the top tips for families travelling with young children to Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Keep your children’s interest in mind

Starting a luxury vacation is both exciting and fun. After all, you’ve probably worked hard for months to save up, and now you’re treating yourself. But the biggest mistake parents make is getting carried away with the excitement. You need to remember that you’re here with your kids. And you need to keep their needs and interests ahead of your own. Rather than planning to go out for a meal, why not spend the first day around the pool? That way you can all have fun before exploring the region.

Try to keep travelling to a minimum

Getting to Italy’s Amalfi Coast takes time. You might need to first fly into Italy before taking the bus or train down to the region. Depending on where you come from, this could take the best part of a day. If you’re on holiday with your children, you need to keep this down to a minimum. Try and plan your day so that you’re not hanging around waiting for a connection. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but it’s a consideration to make sure everything goes smoothly. It might be better to get a private transfer which can pick you up from the airport.

Have fun, but make sure it’s family-friendly fun

The Amalfi Coast stretches over several towns and villages. You have the chance to explore quaint towns full of colourful buildings and mountainous landscapes. But this might not be something the kids want to spend their time doing. Instead, you need to break up the day to include things Mom and Dad want to do with fun activities for the kids. This might mean spending more time on the beach or in the parks rather than sat in café overlooking an ornate square.

Rent a car

Not only does this give you the flexibility to travel on your own terms, but it makes the family vacation less stressful. It might be a good idea to bring along some of the children’s favourite music or DVDs to play in the car during the longer drives. The more you can make your kids feel entertained, the easier it’s going to be to have longer day trips. But try not to make the car trips too long, especially if you’re in the region during the summer.

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Expect tantrums and for things to go wrong

No trip will ever be perfect. You’ll never be able to go on holiday without something going wrong. This can be as minor as a small tantrum in the room or as catastrophic as forgetting your child’s favourite toy. While you can do your best to reduce the risk of this happening, you can’t control everything. The key is to manage the situation and not get stressed out. We’ve all experienced our child screaming in public, and we can easily freak out. Especially when we’re in a foreign country. But that’s probably the worst thing to do. Instead, act calm and take control of the situation. This will make it easier to resolve and move forward.

Always plan for lots of breaks

Adults find it tiring to be out for twelve hours while on holiday. Kids find it a hundred times worse. Parents should always factor in downtime for their children. This applies from toddlers up to teenagers. A smart approach to your trip to the Amalfi Coast is to split your days into two. Spend the morning doing one activity and then return to your room for a few hours. Have a nap, relax for a bit and recuperate. Then you can go out and do something else again later in the afternoon. This guarantees everyone has enough rest and reduces the potential for tantrums.

Turn your trip into something fun for the kids

If you’re going out to one of the towns along the Amalfi Coast, you need to make the trip entertaining for the little ones. A top way to do this is to create a treasure map. Print off a map of the town the night before along with a few pictures of some of the attractions. When you’re walking around, get your kids to search for the attractions and circle them on the map. This turns a day trip into a fun game. Mom and Dad can embrace the culture and see the attractions. The kids can have fun in a treasure hunt-like game. When they’ve found everything on the list, you can reward them. We recommend taking them to one of the many ice cream shops afterwards!

Amalfi Coast with a young family

Travelling anywhere with a young family has its own challenges and obstacles. You need always to put their needs ahead of your own and make the trip fun and entertaining. Rent a car when you arrive and remember to split the day into two with a rest in the middle of the day. And if you do go out exploring, make a treasure map to keep the kids happy and smiling all day long.

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