How To Wear Perfume – Tips for Correct Application

Tips On How To Wear Perfume A Mum Reviews

Tips On How To Wear Perfume

To really get the most out of your perfume, you have to master the skill of correctly applying it to your skin. And no, perfume application doesn’t only involve you spraying it all over your body and clothing. In fact, there is no worse way to apply it than to gush it all over your body and clothing. The proper application of perfume reflects your elegance and sophistication. Plus, it ensures that the fragrance lasts longer.

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How To Wear Perfume – Tips for Correct Application

  • Less Is More

Spraying more perfume doesn’t equate a better and longer smell. In fact, it may be off-putting for others. To effectively wear perfume, especially for stronger scents a single to two sprays is more than enough. And if you want to further control the intensity, go for lighter scents or milder options such as eau de toilette.

  • Don’t Spray It On Your Clothes

And don’t listen to someone who tells you to spray your perfume directly on your clothing when you are wearing them. Unlike your skin, your clothing is lighter thus, it is easier for the perfume to dissipate from them. And all you risk doing is staining your clothes.

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  • Spray It Directly On your Skin

Doing so ensures that the perfume rests on your skin and is absorbed. Spraying perfume on your skin also prevents evaporation into the air. Don’t spray the perfume in the air and walk into it as your cousin does. This is because most of it will dissipate into the air before reaching your skin.

  • Spray It On Oily Skin Surfaces

Perfume lasts longer when it is applied to pressure points and oily surfaces. The oilier your skin is, the longer it will last. Spray your perfume on areas such as the back of your ears, on your neck, ankles or inside of your wrists and elbows. Spraying your perfume on the ankles also allows the fragrance to rise over time.

  • Apply Vaseline

To further intensify the effectiveness of your perfume, rub Vaseline on the pressure points before you spray the perfume. The Vaseline ointment is great at holding the fragrance and preventing quick evaporation. And if you don’t have Vaseline, an unscented moisturizer or lotion will do.

If you use a scented lotion, the fragrance may interfere or overpower your perfume smell. Thus, an oil-based unscented lotion is a way to go. And if you want, you can even add small amounts of perfume to the unscented lotion to further maximize the scent.

Tips On How To Wear Perfume A Mum Reviews

  • Apply The Perfume Immediately After A Shower

When you step out of the shower, towel your skin and moisturize it. As soon as you are done, before you put on your clothing, apply the perfume. This because during this time, your body is still relatively warm and moist, thus, allowing the skin to effectively absorb and lock in the fragrance.

If you apply it on dry skin, it remains on the surface consequently, evaporating at a faster rate. Moisturizing your skin also complements your efforts, as it also enhances the skin’s ability to lock in the fragrance.

  • Never Rub The Perfume

Perhaps you’ve seen your grandma do this. Well, it is not the right way to apply perfume. When you rub perfume between your wrists, you are actually destroying. This is because you are breaking down its elements, therefore compromising some of the fragrance notes. This also means that the perfume will not last long on your skin.

Tips On How To Wear Perfume A Mum Reviews

  • Use It Elsewhere

Wearing perfume doesn’t have to be limited to the skin if you want to maximize the scent. You can also wear it on your hair. However, you don’t want to spray it directly on the hair because the alcohol will cause it to frizz.

Instead, apply the perfume on a hairbrush then, let it dry for a few seconds then run it through your hair to enjoy the fragrance. And if you are still worried about the strength of your perfume or its alcohol content, then invest in a fragrance that is designed for hair.

  • Spray It In Your Closet

At least once a week, spray your perfume in your closet space. Doing so bears excellent results because you will leave that lingering scent on your clothes. so even when you wear them, there will still be the whiff of fragrance left to make you smell good for long.

And if you are scared that you may stain your clothes, there’s another trick you can try. Line your closet and drawer surfaces with tissue paper, paper towels or gift liners. Spray them with your perfume and let the rest for a few seconds. Then proceed with arranging your clothes.

Tips On How To Wear Perfume A Mum Reviews

  • Layer Your Fragrance

Mastering this skill goes a long way. This means that you are able to pair different fragrances even when you are on a budget. Layering your fragrances depends on your preferences. Whether you want to limit it to deodorants, sprays, and perfumes or go further with lotions and shower gels as well. The key is to always begin with the stronger scent then top it off with the lighter scent so the stronger one doesn’t overpower it.

  • Use Cotton Balls

Sometimes walking around with a huge 3.4-ounce bottle of perfume can be impractical especially on a date night. Instead, spray perfume on a few cotton balls and secure them in a Ziploc bag. You can easily stuff this Ziploc bag even in a tiny purse compared to the huge 3.4-ounce bottle.

And when you want to refresh, simply dab the perfumed cotton balls on your pressure points. This is also a great idea for the office during the day if you don’t want to go to work with “luggage”.

Tips On How To Wear Perfume A Mum Reviews

  • Storage Matters

To ensure your perfume works well to its full capacity, you must store it in the right conditions. Perfume must be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Thus, avoid brightly lit and moist areas such as your bathroom. It’s better off on your nightstand or dresser.

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