Why Even the Keenest Gardeners Are Turning to Artificial Grass

Why Even the Keenest Gardeners Are Turning to Artificial Grass A Mum Reviews

Why Even the Keenest Gardeners Are Turning to Artificial Grass

Over the past few years artificial grass has seen a rise in popularity, even with the keenest of gardeners.

In this article artificial lawn experts New Lawn Artificial Grass give us the run-down as to why fake grasses are becoming the go-to choice for green fingered experts and amateurs alike.

  • They Save Precious Time

Our lives are becoming increasingly busy, and when we enjoy a rare day of freedom the thought of tending to our gardens can seem like a massive chore. It’s no surprise then that maintaining our outdoor spaces falls very quickly to the bottom of our priorities list.

Even for the greenest of fingers, there are more rewarding jobs to be done like watering plants, discovering new blooms and harvesting fruit and veg crops.

For the most part, our lawns are there to look beautiful and well kept, which is why an artificial lawn is such a perfect solution for busy families. With no mowing or watering required, the lawn mower and edging shears can be relegated to the deepest, darkest recesses of the shed in favour of more satisfying tasks.

Why Even the Keenest Gardeners Are Turning to Artificial Grass A Mum Reviews

  • They Can Be Enjoyed by All Ages

Often, the very old or very young miss out on time spent in the garden. This can be due to the layout, safety or suitability of our outdoor spaces.

After heavy rain natural lawns can be muddy and slippy – in short, a downright hazard for those that aren’t so light on their feet. Not only that, but real grass has a habit of developing uneven patches or even potholes that can be unforgiving on ankles.

An artificial lawn doesn’t have these pitfalls. As they are usually constructed from durable polyethylene or nylon, they are highly durable and won’t become worn down and dangerous over time. It’s also laid with a waterproof backing manufactured with perforated holes, so rainwater just drains away leaving no puddles or muddy patches for unsuspecting feet.

  • They’re Great for Pets

Pets, particularly dogs and cats, can be a menace to natural lawns. From urine and faeces to overactive paws, natural grass can very quickly be ruined by our furry friends.

Luckily, with an artificial lawn a lot of these problems are often eliminated altogether. During the installation process they are laid in such a way that pets will have a hard time digging up or spoiling the grass. And, as there’s no soil underneath, they’ll be less interested in going on the hunt for buried treasure or bones!

Not only that, faeces and urine are easily managed to allow you to maintain a clean and fresh lawn. Due to the drainage properties of fake grass, urine will simply drain away, and won’t cause discolouration of the blades. Similarly, faeces can be picked up and disposed of with very little fuss, and there are a wealth of deodorising products out there that can keep your grass smelling like a meadow.

Why Even the Keenest Gardeners Are Turning to Artificial Grass A Mum Reviews

  • They Withstand All Weathers

We’re no strangers to weird weather here in the UK. In the summer months it can be gloriously sunny one moment, followed by heavy rain the next. Because of this, natural lawns can take a battering no matter the time of year, and the results can be unsightly.

Artificial lawns withstand inclement weather with very little impact on their aesthetics. Whilst your natural lawn may become yellow and straw like during prolonged periods of sunshine and drought, artificial grass won’t even change colour due to its UV resistant properties.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about setting sprinklers or rolling out the hose on sunny days as artificial lawns don’t require a drop of water to keep them looking good. That means you can spend more time tending to the other aspects of your garden AND maintain great looking lawn.

You may be on the fence about fake lawns, but the fact is they actually provide a huge amount of benefits you might never have considered. Even if you do enjoy tending to your garden, artificial grass can take away the burden of maintaining a neat and tidy large space and allow you to dedicate yourself to nurturing planters, containers and encouraging wildlife into your outdoor space.

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