‘Your Other Baby’ – An Interview With Saskia Gregory, Success Coach for Ambitious Mothers

Your Other Baby - An Interview With Saskia Gregory, Success Coach for Ambitious Mothers A Mum Reviews

Saskia Gregory is a writer and success coach for ambitious modern mothers. She helps women create inspiring online businesses that provide fulfillment, flexibility and fun! Saskia is just about to launch an amazing and exclusive 9 week online business coaching programme called ‘Your Other Baby’ to help driven women to build inspiring online businesses. Read more about it here and read my interview with Saskia below to find out more about her and this fantastic programme.

  • How can the programme help me?

Hi Petra! I’ve designed this programme to take as much of the stress and overwhelm of building an online business away as possible. If you’re like me and really passionate about making what you do a success, it can feel like there is so much to think about, so many different directions to take and choices to make. You just want to make the right ones and do it as promptly as possible. But it can be so overwhelming.

I’ve experienced it myself recently as I made the leap from copywriting to coaching –and I know I’ve done it before, I can’t imagine how daunting it must feel if you’re new to running your own business. This programme is for ladies who ARE going to launch their own business, with or without my help, but are looking for that support and guidance to make the process as swift and as enjoyable as possible.

Over 9 weeks it is going to guide you through each of the crucial steps to build a business that you can be proud of and provides the lifestyle you wish for. It will help you get clear on why you are in business, what you wish to achieve, who your target market are, what your target market really want and need from you, how to package and price your services, how to write engaging sales copy, which social media strategies are best for your line of business and how to start building your reputation for what you do – to name just a handful of areas covered.

I think most importantly it’s going to allow you to build your business with confidence and endless enthusiasm. It’s easy to doubt yourself when you go it alone. This programme is going to help you keep pushing and enable you to get support and feedback as and when you need it, from me and the other women on the programme.

Your Other Baby - An Interview With Saskia Gregory, Success Coach for Ambitious Mothers A Mum Reviews

  • How does it work? How is the programme delivered?

Every Monday for the course of the programme, I will be uploading a new module for participants to a private website. It will include videos, audios, workbooks, reading resources, and other inspiration – all beautifully designed and produced to be as succinct as possible – to guide you through the week’s topic. Then on a Wednesday evening, there will be a group phone call (via GoWebinar) where the ladies can ask me any questions and share feedback on how they’re doing, to learn how to best progress next. Everyone will also have access to a private Facebook group where they can support each other further and ask me any further questions during the week.

See the programme outlined in full here.

  • What are your best skills and qualities?

I only discovered ‘coaching’ last year, but I feel like I was born to do it! I am a very compassionate and helpful person by natural, and I love to share my knowledge and support where I can. I am also really passionate about people being able to design the life that they want for and will never put-down someone’s ambitions, but rather encourage them to make them a reality. I believe that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it and I hope to make other people feel the same way. I also always try to over-deliver and be of help as best as I can, no matter what the situation.

Thanks for letting me praise myself there haha!

Your Other Baby - An Interview With Saskia Gregory, Success Coach for Ambitious Mothers A Mum Reviews

  • What kind of businesses is the programme best suited for?

This programme is designed for service-based businesses which use your unique passions and talents, whilst working from home. Businesses in coaching, writing, design, social media management, virtual assistance, consulting, PR – will all be a good fit.

  • How do I know that it will work? Are there any testimonials/success stories from women you’ve worked with before?

At the end of 2014, I realised that my current client base as a copywriter was leaving me unfulfilled. In January 2015, I started my new business as a coach. In 11 weeks I have defined a clear target market, designed my coaching package around their needs, launched a new website, been featured on numerous relevant online magazines, created opt-ins that have attracted hundreds of sign-ups, built an e-mail list, founded a Facebook community of over 250 ambitious modern mothers from around the world… My programme is going to fast-track that down to 9. While I don’t have testimonials on this exact programme, I’m currently collating testimonials on coaching intensives (60 minute sessions) and they will going up on my website in the next week.

For some ladies my minimal experience as a coach per-say is going to be off putting, but having worked online for myself for 7 years I know what I can do and, as you can see, I’m going for it – I’m so excited to help other ladies do the same.

The best way to get a sense of whether I can really help is to get in touch with me and we can chat through your current struggles and work out whether you’d be a good fit. I’m also doing limited time audios at the moment, which you can download or stream here. My most recent was on ‘How To Start Putting Yourself Out There As An Expert, Without Feeling Like A Fraud’.

Your Other Baby - An Interview With Saskia Gregory, Success Coach for Ambitious Mothers A Mum Reviews

  • How do you balance work and family life? Any great tips for busy mums running their own business and looking after children? What is your favourite thing about being a mum and a business woman?

I do have a secret weapon in that my partner is a stay-at-home dad. So I try to work a couple of hours in the morning, when Diggory has his afternoon nap and then of an evening. This way I get to spend time with them both and enjoy that flexibility that working for yourself is all about! My target is to eventually only work while he (or future babies) are asleep.

My top tip would be not to judge yourself as a working mum, there are times when you are going to be busy but remember what you are doing it for – more opportunities and freedom for your whole family. I’ve written an article on “50 Ways To Find More Time For Your Online Business When You’re A Busy Modern Mother” you may like too.

  • Why should I sign up right now? Are there any bonuses?

For those who sign-up before 15th April there are some really great bonuses, including:

–       1:1 private strategic session with me

–       A premium WordPress theme with installation

–       A beautiful logo design

–       2 hours of virtual assistant help (that is going to be SO useful and free up precious time)

I would also like to offer you and your readers 2 further private sessions with me to use during the programme as and when you need that additional boost and opportunity to get really specific outside of the group. I really enjoy helping and it would be an honour to support you or any of your readers on the journey as you conceive, build, and birth ‘Your Other Baby’ into the world.

A big thank you to Saskia for answering my questions! Visit her website to find all the information about the programme and how to sign up for it. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to sign-up to Saskia’s free video training series. The programmes starts on the 27th of April and the spaces are limited, so hurry up and sign up now to guarantee your spot. What are you waiting for? It’s time for your business to bloom!

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