I’m a mum and I review things. Simple! This blog does what it says on the tin. I cover anything that might interest mums and mums-to-be and write about things like pregnancy, babies, children, parenting, beauty, pampering, books, food, travel and just family life in general – and products relating to these topics.

I review products and services and share tips and tricks from my own (very long!) experience with babies and children.

My reviews consist of the essential information about products and my/our experience using them and are not longer than they need to be as I know that most mums are very busy and need information that they can access and take in quickly.

I’m a mum of three based near Sheffield, England. I’m Swedish and my husband is English. Our first daughter was born in January 2014, our second girl in May 2016 and our third girl in March 2019!

If you want to get in touch you can reach me, Petra, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or by email: contact@amumreviews.co.uk

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