10 Ways to Make Your Broken & Boring Jewellery Sparkle Again

10 Ways to Make Your Broken & Boring Jewellery Sparkle Again A Mum Reviews

10 Ways to Make Your Broken & Boring Jewellery Sparkle Again

Many women dream of receiving romantic surprise gifts of jewellery for special occasions but often this just doesn’t happen and we’ll have to make do with simple, everyday jewellery items which is fine and doesn’t have to be boring at all. There are many fun items out there and you can even play around with some DIY ideas to improve or change up the items you already have at home.

Below are ten interesting ways to jazz up your old jewellery collection into a fresh and fabulous jewels wardrobe. Let’s get started!

  1. Match and Combine

Simply by changing the usual places of jewellery or which items we combine, we can transform the way we feel and the overall look. Say, you have a beaded chain that you usually wear with a specific pair of earrings. This time, try changing the earrings when you wear this chain and vise versa. Mix it up and find new combinations to keep your look fresh!

  1. Turn Your Chains Into Bracelets or Hair Bands

Stitch or stick a lightweight chain to an elastic band to convert it into a hair band. Fold a beaded or crystal chain around your palm, and clasp its two ends while putting rubber bands over the folded region. Wear this chain turned bracelet on your arm or wrist.

  1. Use Enamel Paint to Transform Lacquer Jewellery

From chunky bangles to earrings or necklaces, lacquer or jute jewellery can be transformed quickly with the help of enamel paint. Take a bottle of enamel paint in the colour of your choice, and paint the jewel item as per your taste.

10 Ways to Make Your Broken & Boring Jewellery Sparkle Again A Mum Reviews

  1. Use Old Chain Hooks & Clasps

Whenever you’re ready to discard any old chains, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, make a point to keep their clasps and hooks with you. You might keep them in a separate accessory box for when you might need them. Now, when any of your chains or bracelets gets broken, you can apply these old clasps to fasten their ends so that you can keep using your favourites.

  1. Use Toothpaste or Face Cleaner for Silver Jewellery

If your silver jewellery is at the edge of tarnishing, don’t wait until it turns blackened. In the initial stages, it’s quite simple to clean your silver jewellery. Simply take some toothpaste or face cleanser on your finger and rub it over the jewellery, then polish.

  1. Use Vaseline & Baby Powder for Earrings

If you have earrings that cause irritation but that you still love, try applying some Vaseline or baby powder to the area before wearing them and that should do the trick!

10 Ways to Make Your Broken & Boring Jewellery Sparkle Again A Mum Reviews

  1. Use Baking Soda for Shine

To restore the sparkle and shine of your jewellery, you can use a paste created out of baking soda and water. Baking soda naturally helps remove the corroded layers.

  1. Use a Veneer to Protect Jewellery

One way to keep your new jewellery from turning dull and sparkle-less is to use a veneer. Create a protective coating over your cheap jewellery items with the help of a veneer like substance. Transparent nail polish and resin are great options to do this.

  1. Use Nail Polish to Transform Costume Jewellery

This is one of the quickest ways to turn your everyday jewellery into spick and sparkling. Costume jewellery is usually made up of lots of glass beads, crystals and chunky materials. Out of these, the jewellery containing opaque, transparent or crystallized materials can be transformed in matter of just a few brushstrokes. These might include a glass bead bracelet or a pair of rhinestone earrings or something similar. Take out your box of nail paints and get started. Paint your jewellery bead by bead delicately with the colour of your choice.

  1. Resize Rings

In India, there’s a tradition of elder women usually gifting some of their ancestral jewellery to their daughters or daughter-in-laws. In such a scenario, the sizing can create a problem. Say if the size of your mother’s ring doesn’t fit and is too large, how would you sort out the issue? The simplest way is to use some silicon glue. Drip it over a board or plate. Then dip the ring in the glue. Let it set a bit and the peel off the excess glue on the outside and it should fit.

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