Apps for Parents to Use to Protect Their Kids

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Apps for Parents to Use to Protect Their Kids    

Taking care of children is not an easy job. It requires attention, dedication and hard work. With all sorts of dangers around them, there is never a moment of peace and mums especially are pretty much always on the edge because we’re worrying about our kids. There are some useful apps for parents to use to protect their kids online or to at least get a little bit of piece of mind.

Read on to find out more about a few useful apps for parents.

Apps for Parents to Use to Protect Their Kids A Mum Reviews

Useful Apps for Parents

1. FamiSafe

The World Wide Web is full of content that is harmful but also lots of useful content at the same time. Now you really can’t stop your teenage child from using a device connected to the internet because modern life requires it, even for school and homework. Most teens will have access to a device that connects to the internet and almost all teenagers in the UK have their own.

If you constantly keep checking their phone they might think that you don’t trust them. To avoid all this you can simply use a Parental control app to set things like screen time, track activities and block out things that can be dangerous to their mental health. FamiSafe is a one-step solution to all problems.

A Mum Reviews

2. FBI Child ID

This is created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Parents give this phone tracker app detailed features, pictures, identification marks, height, age, weight, eye color and anything about their child which they feel is important to help find your child if they ever go missing.

This information will be stored on your phone if your child ever goes missing, you can send that information to the authorities and using that information will help them find them. With all the unpredictable dangers out there you always have to be one-stop ahead in making sure your children are secure and this app is a really good idea.

3. Child Control

Child Control by Salfeld is a straightforward and effective app designed for parents who want to manage their kids’ tech use on Android phones and Windows computers. It’s packed with valuable features, like setting time limits on device use, blocking dangerous websites based on age or category, and keeping track of what kids are doing online. Parents can quickly adjust these settings to fit their family’s needs, or add bonus time for educational app usage. Child Control makes it easier than ever to help kids enjoy their devices while making sure they stay safe and responsible online. Plus, it works across multiple devices, so the rules stay the same whether kids are on their phone or computer.

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4. Food Additives

Additives are harmful to everyone but for children they are especially unhealthy. When choosing foods to feed your children (and yourself!), always read the labels and try to avoid as many food additives as possible.

This app will help you detect additives by their name with information about risk-level, symptoms, etc. This app is free to use and you always don’t have to go online to access it.

Apps for Parents to Use to Protect Their Kids A Mum Reviews

5. ICam

This is a very popular app and has been featured on several news channels. This app will allow you to have live feeds of your home at all times on your mobile phone. Can be used as a security camera, a nanny-cam, to check in on your house and teens if you’re away and to keep an eye on little ones if you’re in the next room doing a task. If you’re filming someone else, you do need to inform them of this first and ask for their consent.

Apps for Parents to Use to Protect Their Kids A Mum Reviews

6. Screen Time

If you are worried about your kids getting addicted to phones and iPads, then it’s a good idea to limit and monitor screen time. There’s of course an app that will help you take care of this issue. The app will make sure that your kids can only use the screen for a certain amount of time after which it will automatically turn off. This way they can enjoy the real-world experience too instead of being stuck in the virtual world, playing games!

Being a parent and being responsible for your children’s safety, health and well-being is a lot of work, but it’s all worth it. Hopefully some of these apps can come in handy for you and your family.

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