Are 5-Star Hotels Worth It?

Are 5-Star Hotels Worth It? A Mum Reviews

Are 5-Star Hotels Worth It?

Many people wonder whether 5-star hotels are as good as they claim and if the hype that surround them is true. If you have money to spend on accommodation, are you better of you spending it on the cheapest room at the Marriott or the most expensive room in a cheaper hotel, for example?

This article highlights four reasons you’ll be better off doing the former rather than the latter:

  • People

If you’re in business, it matters what kind of people you have around you because networking is everything. In five-star hotels, you’re likely to meet people with big businesses (or big ideas) that can provide opportunities for you to expand your client base, or advice to improve your own business model. What’s more, a client will think more highly of you when you’re from out of town and you casually mention that you’re staying at their local 5-star hotel. In the business world, impressions are everything, and you won’t impress many people when staying at the local motel.Are 5-Star Hotels Worth It? A Mum Reviews

  • Good Service

The best thing about luxury hotels is the kind of service you’re likely to get there. For instance, 24-hour room service gives your meals from the comfort of your room at any time of day or night. Smaller hotels usually only have room service during mealtimes or during the day. This is very helpful if you have odd operating hours, or are often carried away when working. What’s more, you can order anything on the menu, like breakfast for dinner, regardless of the time. Value-additions, like dedicated staff, babysitters for the children, someone to unpack and launder your clothes, etc., can also go a long way in making your stay comfortable and memorable.

  • Gyms

Having a well-stocked gym at your disposal is great when you’re travelling and can’t use your usual gym. For instance, going for a run might be dangerous in a strange town (you could get lost or wander into a bad part of town), and so you can get your exercise conveniently at your hotel. Five-star hotels have well-stocked gyms with several of each of the common machines, so that you can probably exercise without having to wait your turn or leave the premises to find a gym close-by.Are 5-Star Hotels Worth It? A Mum Reviews

  • Menu Adaptability

The biggest disadvantage with smaller hotels is that they have very limited menus or some of the menu items only exist on paper. Given this fact, when you have special needs or preferences, getting them to a chef is much easier in a five-star establishment. You can even order completely off-menu and still get what you want. Whether you have a medical condition or just like to eat food prepared a certain way, five-star hotel chefs have the skills and adaptability to affect your desires.

We could go on and on, but these are just four reasons to consider upgrading your travel accommodation arrangements. You may not see all these benefits in the beginning, but expect that, as you stay at five-star hotels over time, you’ll start enjoying these and more benefits you were missing out on before.

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