Bed Bugs – Why they Appear and How to Get Rid of Them

Bed Bugs - Why they Appear and How to Get Rid of Them A Mum Reviews

Bed Bugs – Why they Appear and How to Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs seem to have been forgotten or be used as a funny joke to play on children before going to sleep. However, currently the number of infestations produced by these insects has increased considerably in houses, hotels, and hostels.

Have you just discovered that your house or bed is infested with bed bugs? Keep calm, since getting rid of your furniture, clothes or belongings will not solve the problem, although it usually seems to us the most logical option in a state of nervousness when you are faced with a plague of bed bugs!

In this post we are going to give you some tips on how to detect these pests and look at some home remedies for bed bug treatment that you can put to the test to eradicate them.

Bed Bugs - Why they Appear and How to Get Rid of Them A Mum Reviews
  • What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are difficult to detect with the naked eye and that tend to hide in places such as mattresses, sheets, furniture, carpets, cracks in chairs and cabinets and even behind the wallpaper of the walls, going unnoticed for most of us.

Bed Bugs - Why they Appear and How to Get Rid of Them A Mum Reviews
  • Reason why we can have Bed Bugs at Home

One of the main reasons for the appearance of the bed bug infestation is pets and allowing them to sleep on furniture or in the bed, since these insects often climb on cats, dogs and other animals to feed on their blood. Bed bugs can also occur as a result of a trip abroad: if we travel to non-industrialized areas with few hygienic supplies, we run the risk of these animals climbing into our luggage and returning home with us. This is why you should never put your suitcase on your bed.

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  • Why do they Sting and what should I do when a Bed Bug Bites?

Do you think a bed bug has bitten you? Bed bugs feed on human blood, usually at night. Their saliva contains an anticoagulant that allows them to suck until they are full. After that, they hide again to repeat the process the next day. When these insects bite us, a small, slightly raised red spot forms on the skin that itches us. Treating the sting is really important as it can lead to more serious discomfort. Wash the bite with soap and water and see your GP as soon as possible to get a prescription for an antihistamine.

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  • How to get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home

Cleaning the house and furniture thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner usually works very well. If it does not work, you can try different chemical insecticides, but this system can be dangerous and harmful to health due to its toxicity, so we recommend that you go to an expert pest specialist where they can solve the problem comfortably for you.

Another method that can be effective is to use steam on the affected areas or expose them to the sun, since these insects do not tolerate high temperatures or very low temperatures, so you could also try it when cold.

Bed Bugs - Why they Appear and How to Get Rid of Them A Mum Reviews
  • Some Home Remedies to Deal with this Type of Plague

There are other “more traditional” home remedies that can help you end this plague, such as using turmeric powder. This element contains an antimicrobial agent that deprives the insects of oxygen. Try rubbing a little on the infested mattress. Another of the remedies that can work against bed bugs is peppermint or lavender oil since their scents cause an allergy for the bed bugs. This same method can be used with other spices such as cloves that are also strongly fragrant.

What should I never do?

There are many “natural” ways of dealing with bed bugs posted online, such as using petroleum jelly, or thyme oil. None of them work.

The worst thing you can do is take the matter into your own hands and spray the bed with any kind of insecticide. That’s a health hazard. Also, it won’t work, because bed bug treatment is very specific and the product you need is hard to find. Also, once you give up and call professionals, they will use an insecticide product on your bed again.

And, if you think changing the mattress with a new one will get rid of the problem, it won’t. The new mattress will get infested all over again, says Jordan Foster from  Fantastic Pest Control. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, as long as the technicians’ methods aren’t hindered by the customer. 

All of these tips can help you control or eradicate these pesky pests. However, the most practical and efficient option is to go to a specialist company, where a team of professionals will quickly combat the infestation of your home or business to get rid of the annoying bed bugs once and for all.

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