Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Winter Clean

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Winter Clean

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Winter Clean

It’s essential to keep your home winter clean as the season brings its own issues that can quickly spiral out of control. There’s not much you can do about the weather outside, but inside your home, you have the final say. From humidity to bacteria, here are some suggestions.

  • Utilise the Entryway Correctly

The first line of defence in your home against winter is the entryway. Rain and snow cause water, mud and nasty bacteria to enter your home. But with a dedicated entryway, you can remove almost all of it and prevent it from tracking inside the house. Doormats, boot trays, and even a shoe rack on the wall will help keep all the nasty stuff out of your home and off your breathtakingly clean carpets and flooring. It also means much less cleaning up as well!

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  • Balance the Humidity Levels

Summer means trying to reduce humidity as we try not to become little prunes in our homes. But in winter, we need to balance humidity well. This is because the air in the home can become too dry or too humid and warm as we turn up the heat and close the windows. However, some of these conditions are perfect for bacteria and even mould to reproduce. And both can make your family sick or prevent your respiratory systems from working as well as they should.

  • Keep Your Home Winter Clean with Dust-Free Radiators

Radiators are essential in winter for most of us. They help keep our home warm and provide comfort. Yet the way they are designed means they are essentially dust traps, which can clog up given that most of us probably don’t even think about cleaning them. This dust gets blown all over the home as it is dislodged from the radiators, and you will breathe it in. Radiator dust can also prevent them from working properly, adding to the already massive energy bills of £2,500.

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  • Take No Prisoners with Bacteria

Winter is a breeding ground for bacteria in almost every room of the house. Alongside the high humidity and extra heat, germs will love to cosy up in your home and multiply. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get rid of and prevent bacteria during the cold season. First, (don’t run from this) open the windows. Yes, you read that right. Open the windows for ten minutes each day to balance humidity. Then, clean all surfaces with anti-bacterial sprays and wipes where possible.

  • Keep Up Your Cleaning Routine

It’s vital that you keep up a routine throughout winter. You may suffer from winter blues, and this can be hard. But neglecting your routine will only make things worse as the home becomes unsanitary. This can be as simple as vacuuming and dusting every other day. But of course, you also need to make time for laundry (usually Saturday morning) and changing bed sheets (Sunday morning). And don’t forget to clean the entryway, which is dirtier in the winter.

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Using the entryway to catch mud, dirt and water can help keep your home winter clean. It also helps to dust behind furniture, especially radiators, to prevent it from becoming airborne. And keeping up your routine can help with winter blues and keep you healthy all winter long.

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