My FlashSticks Adventure – Introduction


My FlashSticks Adventure – Introduction

I have started a new adventure: I’m trying to learn a little bit of Italian using FlashSticks. This is a new, clever and simple way to aid your language learning. FlashSticks are pretty much Post-its printed with a unique, commonly used word and its translation, icon and phonetic. They are colour-coded too, to help you remember each word’s gender.

I stick the notes in relevant places around our house to help me even more. Like the example below: leggere (to read) on my daughter’s bookshelf. That way I see the words over and over several times a day and don’t even notice that I am learning new words but somehow they stick in my head and I connect the Italian words to their place in my home and then their translation.

The Post-its with mangiare (to eat), bere (to drink) and il latte (milk) are on our fridge, la notte (night), dormire (to sleep) and il letto (bed) are on our bed frame and so on. That way it is so easy for the brain to make the connection. It doesn’t take long either, a week or two and the words will have stuck.

Not all the words have an obvious place in my home but I’ve started with the ones that do and will move on to the rest when the first lot is forever stuck in my brain. Then I will put the others somewhere where I will see them a lot, like on the wall next to my desk.

There’s a free app too, which is great because it shows you how to pronounce the words correctly. This is essential to learning a language properly and is a great addition to the Post-its.

FlashSticks, if you are reading this, can you please please please create FlashSticks for learning Swedish? My husband really wants to learn more Swedish (my first language) and I think FlashSticks would work really well for him.

I will keep my blog updated about my FlashSticks adventure!

Below is an introduction video by FlashSticks and you can read more on their website.

I’m part of the FlashSticks Blogger Team and was sent the Italian Beginner and Intermediate sets for my thoughts and opinions.

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