How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready Right Now

How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready A Mum Reviews

How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready Right Now

Though it might not seem it now, summer is just around the corner! When it comes to our gardens, we always seem to leave it till it’s too late to get a bit of preparation in before summer begins. Before you know it, the sun is beating down and you’re doing all your hard work in the scorching hot while wiping the sweat off your brows – surely there’s an easier way? There is, get all the labour done now while the temperatures are still moderate and you can thank yourself later!

If you’re hoping to get your garden in shape but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of the top tips on how to prepare your garden for all those inevitable BBQs when the sun finally does decide to show itself.

  • Don the Rubber Gloves and get Scrubbing

It’s safe to say that based on the winter we’ve all just had, the exterior of your home will be looking a little more haggard than usual. It’s advisable to spend a day with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and your trusty rubber gloves and treat your exterior, windows and decking to a good scrub. Blast away any tough dirty with a pressure washer if you have one.

  • Show the Moss Who’s Boss     

Moss can be a real pain if your home is susceptible to it. Grab yourself some moss killer from a garden centre and once the moss is gone you can replant the grass to get rid of any ugly patches in your lawn.How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready A Mum Reviews

  • Stock an Emergency Gazebo

While it may be the height of summer when you decide to throw your garden party, you never know what the weather might decide to do from one day to another! Be prepared for the possibility of the weather taking a turn by purchasing an easy-to-use gazebo for that extra bit of protection from the rain.

  • Splash out on a Centrepiece

Want to really impress your guests? Get yourself a fancy centrepiece for your garden for them to stare at while they sip on their Pimms & lemonade. A water feature is a great way to brighten up your garden, just make sure you invest in a reliable cold water booster set so you can enjoy it for years to come.How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready A Mum Reviews

  • Resurrect Your Battered Furniture

If you have some wooden furniture in your garden then it will need to be cleaned as well, but you shouldn’t use a pressure washer for this as this can ruin the wood. It’s recommended that you get a specific wooden furniture cleaning product that can help keep it looking fresh for the long run. You can also get yourself some wood protecting products to use after cleaning so you won’t have to do this job again for a while.

  • Camouflage your Unsightly Bits

Some things can’t be fixed by a good clean, like a hole in your fence, but if you want to be a bit naughty you could always cheat and just hide it. Climber plants are a fantastic way to cover up any ugliness while bringing a bit of character to your garden’s appearance. Out of sight, out of mind, right?How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready A Mum Reviews

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