Our Halloween Celebrations – Baby’s first Halloween

Our Halloween Celebrations - Baby's first Halloween A Mum Reviews

NEXT recently asked us how we celebrate Halloween as a family. This will be our baby’s first Halloween and also our first Halloween as a family. Therefore, we do not have any photos of our traditions, but I have put together two collages to show you what our plans are.

The first one is the baby one! We have a cute skeleton pyjamas and some pumpkin accessories that our girl can wear on Halloween. I want to give her some Halloween themed books and my favourite baby ones are BabyLit books. There’s a Frankenstein one and a Dracula one and they make perfect books for Halloween. I’ll be serving up some mashed pumpkin for my baby’s tea she loves pumpkin and butternut squash. A Halloween toy like this tag-blanket would be great too!

Our Halloween Celebrations - Baby's first Halloween A Mum Reviews

The second collage is for us adults – mum and dad! A tradition that we do have, is that we make Portuguese pumpkin jam every year. We’ll be doing that as usual. It is so delicious!

If I get the chance, I’ll paint my nails black! I rarely get to paint my nails now that I’m a mum though…

The plan for the evening is to snuggle up under a warm blanket, light some candles, watch a scary film, eat fun sized chocolates and maybe have some spooky cocktails.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

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