How Do Gardens Affect House Prices?

How Do Gardens Affect House Prices? A Mum Reviews

How Do Gardens Affect House Prices?

Every homeowner dreams of making a profit during a sale. Therefore, they go the extra mile to improve their houses in a bid to add value. Apart from the loft conversions and additional bathrooms, the garden can also influence the price of a home. Many property owners overlook the backyard, yet it is a gold mine. Gardens can help clinch the sale, especially if the buyers want a space to relax.

Beautifying your backyard is an excellent idea, but you should be careful not to overdo it. Many potential buyers relish an outdoor space. However, they will shy away from a high-maintenance garden. Despite the beauty, the buyer will be counting the hours it requires to keep it tidy. Maintaining a simple design achieves the desired effect.

So which garden features affect the house price?

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  • Size of the Garden

A large lawn can increase or decrease the asking price depending on the property type. A big garden complements a large house of over three bedrooms. For buyers with children, it is a huge plus. They can utilise the backyard for playing and entertaining their kids. However, if your home is small, that will attract young owners without families; a big garden may be a turnoff. You may have to reduce the lawn by converting some of it into a patio.

How Do Gardens Affect House Prices? A Mum Reviews

  • Design

Back gardens are perfect for unwinding, entertaining, and a playground for children. Therefore, when designing your garden, consider your target market. If your property is a short-term let, chances are the owners will not pay attention to the beautiful garden. Since maintenance will be an issue, you may want to keep it as simple as possible. Concreting the whole space may not be ideal since everyone craves some outdoor space. However, the area needs to be tidy and functional. If you are selling your house to a family with kids, you need to give more attention to your backyard. They will appreciate a well-designed outdoor space. Simple and easy to maintain designs are likely to increase the house price. However, sophisticated design will only attract a few buyers.

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  • Shed

Should you add a shed to your garden? A shed with additional storage space suits almost all types of buyers. Colorbond sheds are even better. People cannot seem to get enough storage. A variety of storage options can increase the price. Besides, building a shed is cost-effective. A traditional shed may be too bland, you should think of alfresco dining. That way, your shed becomes a social space and an extension of the indoor.

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  • Lighting

Gardens are the perfect area for entertaining guest and enjoying an outdoor dinner. To relax and enjoy the surroundings you should consider adding comfortable furniture. Light will also be useful if you want to relax at night. Outdoor lighting creates a beautiful ambience and transforms the backyard into a cosy environment. Most homebuyers view properties late in the evening so lighting up the place creates a good first impression. Besides, your house’s price will shoot by over 10 per cent if you invest in garden furniture and illuminate the outdoor space.

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  • Driveway and Front Garden

Most people focus on the back garden forgetting the front lawn. Front yards have a potential of increasing the value of the property. Potential buyers would appreciate a neat front lawn, and a few slow-growing plants can also make a huge difference. Any addition to your front yard should be low-maintenance; you do not want to scare off buyers with over the top design. You should also consider a driveway. In urban areas where parking is a challenge, a parking space could boost your property value. A driveway will also save the new owner thousands of pounds in parking fees. However, you should get the relevant permits before adding a parking space and the dropped kerb.

How Do Gardens Affect House Prices? A Mum Reviews

  • Fence and Hedges

Hedges and fences can enhance the property’s value. While the aesthetics are appealing, the most important factors when looking for a house are privacy and security. Hedges and large trees provide natural privacy to the property. A fence around your garden and house also gives a sense of security. Therefore, when looking for garden features to boost the asking price, do not be afraid to go back to the basics. A fence seems mundane, but it adds a value of up to five per cent. Your hedges and fencing need to be well maintained to create the desired effect.

Putting some effort in your garden can increase the asking price. However, do not spend too much on improvements that the new owner may want to change. For property valuation, check out

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