How Much is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You?

How Much is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You? A Mum Reviews

How Much is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You?

People in the UK don’t just love tea, we love coffee too and the British high streets are full of outlets such as Starbucks, Costa, Caffè Nero, Wild Bean Café, Coffee Republic and many more so that we can get our fix anywhere and at nearly any time.

Drinking coffee at home is quite cheap but when you buy it from coffee shops the price goes up a lot. If you buy a coffee every day you could save a lot of money by cutting down or taking your own thermal cup with you or just having your coffee at work.

I do love a coffee from Starbucks or Caffè Nero as a treat and will have one every now and then but I would never have one every day due to the cost. I love the fancy drinks but usually save them for special occasions or for when there’s a special offer like buy 1 get 1 free. A great way to cut costs when drinking coffee in coffee shops is to try the filter coffee. I love Starbucks filter coffee and it only costs £1.55 per cup with a free refill. It’s delicious and purse friendly!

Check out this infographic below for lots of interesting facts about coffee and its costs.

How much is your coffee addiction costing you?

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