How To Ensure That the Whole Family Enjoys Taking Supplements

How To Ensure That the Whole Family Enjoys Taking Supplements A Mum Reviews

How To Ensure That the Whole Family Enjoys Taking Supplements | AD

We all know that supplements can support our health. Lots of us buy supplements for our family and pop them in the cupboard, but do you remember to actually take them?

In this article, we’ll look at some ways to ensure that the whole family enjoys taking supplements. After all, the health benefits only happen if the supplements make it into our bodies – not when they have been forgotten and pushed to the back of a kitchen cabinet!

This post is in collaboration with Sealions which is a British online-only vitamin brands that make affordable, high-quality supplements for adults and children. They even make supplements for dogs! The wide range of supplements are manufactured in the UK and the business is based in Manchester. The company is not only passionate about family health and affordability, but also about minimising their environmental footprint which is why all the packaging is eco-friendly and the ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Let’s get started and see how busy families can make sure everyone takes their daily supplements and enjoys it too!

How To Ensure That the Whole Family Enjoys Taking Supplements A Mum Reviews
  • Habit Stack + Make it a Family Activity

One of the best ways to incorporate new habits into your daily routine is to habit stack. This means to take a habit that you already do and add another habit to it. You most likely have dinner every day so why not add taking your supplements to that habit? Most supplements are best taken with a meal, so this works out very well for that reason too. If some vitamins need to be taken on several occasions through the day, spread them out between the meals.

If your family makes a habit of eating together in the evening, then this is a great opportunity to make taking your vitamins a family activity. If you have young kids, they’ll see you doing something healthy and that makes them more likely to want to take their vitamins too.

I keep our vitamins in a basket in a kitchen cupboard, so I simply take the whole box out at dinner time and give the girls their vitamins and take mine.

How To Ensure That the Whole Family Enjoys Taking Supplements A Mum Reviews
  • Make it Fun, Educational & Tasty

Make taking vitamins a fun experience! Doing it all together should give it a positive feel and so will choosing supplements that taste great. These days there are supplements that taste as good as sweets! Choose tasty options that the children and you will enjoy taking every day. Though for this reason, it’s important to talk to children about dosage and to store the supplements out of reach of small children who might not understand this. If your child does not like the taste of some supplements, talk about why it’s still a good idea to take them and about the health benefits that come with them.

Vitamin gummies are great for children and for adults too. I personally find it hard to swallow pills and enjoy taking a tasty gummy vitamin much more! The children have Kids Multivitamin Gummies with an expert combination of eight essential vitamins to help keep children healthy and strong, and I have a selection of different gummies for adults that I am sampling – ashwagandha gummies, night-time gummies, multivitamin gummies, energy-boosting gummies and hair, skin and nail gummies. I still do take some tablets but I’m much less likely to forget the gummies since they are so tasty and easy to take.

How To Ensure That the Whole Family Enjoys Taking Supplements A Mum Reviews
  • Use Pill Organisers

If you are taking several supplements, a pill organiser can help you keep track of your daily pills and gummies. You can have one for each member of the family or a shared one if all kids are having the same. Pill organisers come in lots of fun designs and different colours which add to the enjoyment of taking your supplements too. There are childproof options for families with young children. Pill organisers are naturally very helpful when your family is travelling too.

Ensuring that the whole family takes their supplements doesn’t have to be a chore. With the above tips, I’m sure your family will enjoy taking their supplements and can reap the rewards in the form of better health.


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