How to Ensure Your Dog’s Bed is Hygienic & Cosy

How to Ensure Your Dog's Bed is Hygienic & Cosy A Mum Reviews

How to Ensure Your Dog’s Bed is Hygienic & Cosy

Dogs spend a big chunk of their day asleep, usually in their dog bed, so it’s important that this space is maintained properly. In this article, we’ll discuss how to ensure your dog’s bed is hygienic, comfortable and cosy for your furry friend to sleep in.

  • Keep it dry!

To be a comfortable place for your dog to snooze, your dog’s bed needs to be dry. If it’s damp, it will not feel cosy! Dogs naturally get wet and dirty on walks, especially when the weather is wet. Their paws and fur pick up dirt and wet which can easily transfer onto the bed which creates a breading ground for germs. Always dry your dog when you come home from a wet walk and air your dog’s bed regularly too. If you are buying a new dog bed, choose one made with moisture-wicking fabrics to manage moisture levels. When the weather is cold, it’s common to experience condensation in your home and this can happen to dog beds too. Check for condensation on your dog’s bed throughout the colder months to ensure it’s not getting damp and mildewy.

  • Check for draughts.

Dog beds are usually on the floor which means that they are prone to feel draughty when the weather is cold. Things you can do to prevent your dog’s bed feeling draughty include moving the bed to somewhere in the house that’s less draughty (away from external doors and windows) and opting for a dog bed with deeper sides if you are in the market for a new one. A quick fix would be to put some cushions around the bed to block the draught if you can’t move the dog bed.

  • Keep it Clean.

Always clean your dogs paws when you come home from a walk and if your dog is muddy/dirty, they’ll need a quick wash too. Add a dog blanket or two to your dog’s bed to protect it from surface dirt as these can easily be washed in your washing machine regularly. You can also get special liners for dog beds to protect against moisture, dirt, dust, and dander to help keep the dog bed a hygienic space. Like with all things in your home, it’s a good idea to have a washing routine for your dog’s bed too. It’s best to wash your dogs blankets and the outer cover of the dog bed weekly or every two weeks to keep them clean. Using a liner or securely lining the bed with the blankets will ensure you don’t need to wash the cover and mattress as frequently. Always check the washing instructions for your dog bed and use a pet-friendly detergent that is antibacterial too.

How to Ensure Your Dog's Bed is Hygienic & Cosy A Mum Reviews

How to Tell that Your Dog’s Beed Needs Replacing

Since dog beds are highly used items and the comfort of your dog is an important part of their quality of life, they do need replacing occasionally. So, how can you tell that it’s time to buy a new dog bed?

First, use your eyes and have a good look at your dog’s bed. Inspect the cover and the mattress and check for signs of wear and mildew too. Is the shape of the bed still looking good? Is the mattress still supportive?

Then, use your nose to do a sniff test. Dog beds can become smelly which is natural. The problem is if the smell is still there when your dog’s bed has just been washed and dried thoroughly. If you can’t wash the odours out, then it’s time to replace the dog bed with a fresh one. 

One really good sign that it’s time for a new dog bed is that your dog no longer wants to sleep in it! If your dog is finding other places to snooze on, like your bed, a sofa or armchair, then that could be a clear sign that they don’t find the dog bed comfortable anymore.

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