Menopause Self-care Tips – Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority

Menopause Self-care Tips - Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority

Menopause Self-care Tips – Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority

Menopause is a big life transition with many symptoms — night sweats, disturbed sleep, hot flushes, pains, mood swings, lack of libido and energy to mention just a few common ones. The experience varies between women, but most seem to find it bit frustrating to say the least.

It can feel like the transition lasts a long time with many symptoms starting early during the perimenopause — which is the time when a woman’s body is starting to make the transition to the stopping of periods and the end of the reproductive years, menopause.

Though this time can be challenging, it will not last forever. The best thing you can do as a person going through perimenopause or menopause is to look after yourself well to help you manage any changes to your body. Self-care is always important and can be hugely helpful during this transition too. In this article, we’ll have a look at some menopause self-care tips to try.

Self-care has quite a wide meaning and can be lots of different things. Generally, you can say that it means that you take time to ensure that your needs, both physical and emotional, are met by looking after yourself. Life is busy, but now is the time to make your own health and happiness a priority.

Menopause Self-care Tips - Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority
  • The Basic Needs

At the very least, ensure that you choose a lifestyle that helps you look after your health. Opt for a diet that’s low in salt and saturated fats and that includes a large variety of wholefoods. A healthy diet like this will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It’s also important to ensure that you get enough Vitamin D and calcium for your bone health. You can get this through your diet or supplements if you think your diet might not contain enough. Regular exercise is very important too and will help you look after your physical health and mental health. It’s great for bone strength too, to help protect you from osteoporosis. Menopause significantly speeds up bone loss and increases the risk of osteoporosis so bone health should be a priority at this time.

If you’re a smoker, now’s the time to quit. Smoking increases your risk of both cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis and triggers hot flushes too. Alcohol consumption should also be reduced to within the government’s guidelines.

Go to the check-ups offered by the NHS and let the doctor know of any worries and concerns you might have. They’ll be able to advise you about hormone replacement therapy options too. You can also explore alternative therapies and supplements.

Menopause Self-care Tips - Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority
  • Skincare Changes

The hormonal changes brought on by menopause usually also lead to changes to your skin. Reduction in elasticity and thickness is common and some women also experience breakouts. Dry skin is another common concern. Visit a dermatologist or a specialist in a department store to help you find a new skincare routine that works for your current needs.

Your skin down below is also likely to get affected by menopause. Lots of women have problems with vaginal dryness and dry skin on the vulva when going through menopause. Take good care of your vulva and vagina by using gentle, hydrating products like the ones by Lip Intimate Care.

They have a gorgeous range of organic cleansing and moisturising oils, intimate lip balms, lubricants, and shaving products to help you look after this delicate area gently without stripping your skin’s moisture. The products are soothing and protecting and help you deal with any dry vulva and vaginal dryness issues.

Menopause Self-care Tips - Make Your Health & Happiness a Priority
  • Hobbies & Me Time

Now to one of the most important bits. Learn to say no to things that you don’t want to do and focus on the things that you love and want to do instead. Focus on your own hobbies (with friends or on your own) and taking time for you. Me time can be lots of things — spending time in nature, dancing, practising gratitude, doing yoga, enjoying a bath and a book or simply prioritising rest and sleep. Perhaps you want to learn something new or go travelling? Set healthy boundaries with people around you and don’t worry about explaining yourself — a no is a valid response.

Taking care of yourself in the above ways will help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally during this challenging phase in your life. Once you’re through menopause, you will start to feel more “normal” again and many women report having a renewed sense of energy for life. Keep looking after yourself and enjoy life to the fullest!

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