My Running Essentials – The Few Extras

My Running Essentials - The Few Extras

My Running Essentials – The Few Extras

A few months ago, I started running by joining a friend who suggested doing Couch to 5K. I now only have a few weeks left of the challenge and definitely think that I will keep running after competing the programme too. You don’t need many things to run – I’ve covered what you need to get started with running in an article on my other website.

My Running Essentials - The Few Extras what you need to get started with running

A quick summary of what you need:

A pair of running trainers that are comfortable and supportive, a sports bra designed for running, running socks and running clothes.

Those are the basics that you need to get started. There are a few more items that I like to have that help me stay motivated and comfortable:

  • Earphones and smartphone. I’m currently listening to the Couch to 5K instructions on the app while running and also listening to audiobooks from Audible at the same time. When a running instruction comes through, the audiobook goes quieter so that you can hear the instruction, then it goes back to the regular volume afterwards. I usually rewind the audiobook using my Apple smartwatch at that point so that I don’t miss anything.
  • Smartwatch. I also use my smartwatch from Apple to track the run, track my activity and to rewind my audiobook.
  • Cap. While the weather is warm, I like to wear a cap when running. I usually run in the morning or the evening and even though the sun is not too bright at these times, I still like wearing a cap when running.
  • Running belt. When it’s chilly, I wear my running jacket but if it’s hot I like to use a running belt instead to keep my phone and key secure.
My Running Essentials - The Few Extras
  • Deodorant. A deodorant that helps me stay fresh is another must. Nivea has just released the Nivea Fresh Sensations 72H Antiperspirant Spray which provides long-lasting protection and freshness and is scientifically proven to actively fight odour causing bacteria. Perfect for anyone who wants to stay active and fresh this summer! It’s available to buy from Wilko.
  • Shower gel. I’m generally a bath girl, but after getting sweaty on a run, I do opt for the shower instead. To make showers more enjoyable, I love having a nicely scented shower gel. I opt for scents that I find enjoyable whilst showering and that I find refreshing after a workout. Nivea’s Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower Cream comes in a range of fresh, fruity scents that are perfect for summer. They don’t just smell great – they’re also kind on skin and the planet with a vegan and biodegradable formula made from 90% naturally derived ingredients that comes packaged in a bottle made of 97% recycled plastic.

Nivea products kindly provided to me as part of #NiveaFamily.

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