Pancake Day Tips & Topping Ideas

Pancake Day Tips & Topping Ideas

Pancake Day Tips & Topping Ideas | AD

This year Pancake Day falls on Tuesday the 21st of February. In this article, I’ll share some tips for pancake day as well as some delicious and easy ideas for pancake toppings. Let’s get started!

The first thing to decide is what kind of pancakes you would like to make. There are lots to choose from: regular thin pancakes, fluffy American style pancakes (or even fluffier Japanese pancakes!), French crêpes, Austrian Kaiserschmarrn, mini pancakes to name just a few options. Perhaps you want to make savoury pancakes, vegan pancakes, protein pancakes or healthier pancakes? Once you’ve narrowed this down, you know what kind of batter you need to make. You can also buy pancake batter mixes if you want a quicker and easier option.

My favourite kind of pancakes to make are American pancakes as they’re easy and I can fry three in the same pan at the same time, meaning all my kids get one each at the same time! The batter is also best made in advance for these kinds of pancakes which works well for our busy family life.

Pancake Day Tips & Topping Ideas

Speaking of eating at the same time, if you want to make all the pancakes in advance so that the whole family can sit down and enjoy the pancakes together, pop them on a heatproof plate and cover with foil while you fry the rest. You can even put this plate of pancakes in the oven on a low heat to keep them warm.

It’s always a good idea to ensure that you make enough pancakes – everyone loves pancakes so they tend to disappear quickly! If you do end up with leftover pancakes, they can always be enjoyed the next day. Rolled up cold pancakes with sugar are one of my favourite packed lunch memories from when I was a child!

Set the table with the family’s favourite toppings to choose from. Classic options in our family include lemon & sugar, chocolate spread & bananas, butter & maple syrup. Sometimes ice cream makes an appearance too.

Pancake Day Tips & Topping Ideas

This year, we’ve discovered the range of luxurious Caramel Sauces from Joe & Seph’s which make easy and indulgent toppings for pancakes. They’re handmade in small batches in London, using the finest ingredients. They caramel is smooth and delicious and there are lots of different flavours to choose from. Other than pancakes, they can also be enjoyed as toppings for ice cream, traybakes, toast, cheesecakes and more – or simply on a spoon!

We’ve tried the Hot Cross Bun Caramel Spread which is perfect for anyone who’s a fan of hot cross buns. It’s made with fresh double cream and infused with real raisins and citrus peel. You can browse the full range of caramel sauce flavours on Joe & Seph’s website here. There’s a vegan chocolate caramel sauce available too.

Collaboration. Features a gifted sample from Joe & Seph’s.

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