Red Light Therapy for Athletes: Worth It?

Red Light Therapy for Athletes: Worth It? A Mum Reviews

Red Light Therapy for Athletes: Worth It?

Red light therapy can help you recover from injuries, sleep better, heal wounds like tendinitis, and reduce arthritis. It may just make you feel better, which is somewhat difficult to quantify. Red light therapy for athletes has become a popular concept nowadays. Especially biomax 450 is popular in the professional sports training and fitness world as it has been proven again and again to enhance physical performance, build muscle, and speed recovery.

From acne to aging and sore muscles, there are tons of different things you can do with red light therapy. Many athletes have started turning to red light therapy to help relieve their aching muscles and sports-related injuries. There is significant research evidence that red light therapy can help athletes in many ways.

Red Light Therapy for Athletes: Worth It? A Mum Reviews

Red Light Therapy Repairs Muscles

The exact process of working with red light is complex. In summary, red light helps promote the production of antioxidants, that is, an important role in dropping the oxidative stress linked to muscle fatigue. Antioxidants increase the performance of thermal prototyping, which can repair and develop muscles. The play of the red light strips away the replica of inflammation and the memory of cells. Keep reading to learn how to use red light therapy to reduce inflammation.

“Red light therapy (RLT) or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has the potential to promote tissue healing and decrease pain,” said Frank Hoeffner, a professional physiotherapist. There is some evidence that RLT and LLLT bring promising results, aid to athletes and patients for faster heal and recovery.

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Red Light Therapy Increases Strength

There are several reasons why many professional strength coaches incorporate red light therapy into their schedule. A 2016 research examined the effects of light therapy on young adults aged 18 to 35 who did weight training. Men who received light therapy “showed significant changes” in the maximum torque for leg extension and leg press exercises. Other studies have also shown a significant increase in grip strength during exercise after red light therapy treatments. Hence, red light therapy for athletes is a substantial notion.

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Better Resistance with Red Light Therapy

Some other recent studies found that red light therapy helps people train longer, with less oxygen deficiency, whether on the treadmill, on the bike, or on the training floor.

  • Treadmill Training: a triple-ins placebo-controlled trial published in 2018 evaluated the effects of red light therapy on healthy people who were also receiving resistance training on treadmills. Researchers have found that pre-exercise light therapy can “increase body temperatures and oxygen uptake and reduce body fat consumption in healthy volunteers compared to placebo”.
  • Strengthening Professional Football Players: futsal is a variant of football on a smaller field, with a rapid rate of pace similar to basketball or hockey. The professional futsal players require incredible resistance. In 2018, Brasilian researchers conducted a randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial for the analyzer, performing red light therapy on professional futsal players. The players were treated with a red light or a placebo light before the matches. The researchers found that the players having red light therapy stayed longer on the field.
  • Cycling Performance: the recent results of the Brazilian futsal test align with two other recent trials conducted on light therapy and peak cycling performance. The researchers found that red light therapy “increases exhaustion time in competitive cyclists, suggesting this intervention as a possible non-pharmacological ergogenic agent in cycling.”

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Improved Speed with Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy enhances the speed in athlete performances.

  • Fastest Running: In 2018, Brazilian researchers published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrating running performance on male feet in 3 groups: 1) men receiving red light therapy, 2) plus a placebo 3) a group who did not receive red light therapy. The light therapy group was the highest performing group.
  • Faster Sprints: a study in 2016 of professional rugby players, an evaluation of the physical performance, discovered the treatments with light therapy led to a faster running, as well as major muscle recovery benefits.

Red Light Therapy for Athletes: Worth It? A Mum Reviews

Red light Therapy to Improve Muscle Growth

In addition to the physical performance of a wide range of people, red light therapy can also improve muscle growth. Red light therapy for athlete muscle growth has proven in many research. Research in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has found that light therapy helps the progress of healthy muscle tissue, or muscle enlargement, naturally increasing size and volume of muscles.

Final Thought

In many trails, men and women of all ages, all body types, and all fitness levels showed significant improvements in their physical performance with the use and exercise of red light therapy. The clinical results match what world-class professional athletes and coaches see improvement every day on the field and in the gym. Red light therapy may work for you, even if you are not an athlete. Still, we recommend that you consult a professional first.

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